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November 23, 2020, 03:44:59 PM

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Beach Buggy General Help / Re: Script style logo
« Last Post by Hugh on Today at 03:37:18 PM »
Dave Mayer is worth talking to as he's produced some amazing designs in stainless steel so might know of an aluminum laser cutter. I will message you his number as I don't think he comes on here much and certainly doesn't do Facebook.
« Last Post by snoopy on Today at 03:34:11 PM »
Hood wise search the web for The Guv vulture beach buggy as John Claydons top was nearly all clear film with strips of hood material around the perimeters so visibility was good.
guessing if you have  2 wing mirrors the vision out of the rear is not important but will they require demisting on the front side windows as production cars do through the dash vents.

There must be loads of kits on the road presented for test and modified after passing to get the right look especially period cars like cobras and old jags where a modern compliant steering wheel looks out of place.
Parts Wanted / Re: 1967 gear box clutch release fork for release bearing.
« Last Post by Roman on Today at 03:14:01 PM »
Many thanks.
« Last Post by Paul1953 on Today at 12:36:20 PM »
Dave... good questioning here...  Rapport with IVA examiner.  Yes and this is probably the single most viatal bit of aid that you could get.

My aim now is firm... My buggy will be going for it`s first IVA test very early next year assuming VOSA will allow personal visits still.
When I get through the test I will explain a second reason that I have persevered and taken the IVA route.

You are 100% correct. Just like an MOT the examination is, just like an MOT, "as presented" and yes any addition\change nullifies the vehicles IVA compliant status.

Add a roof or a hood post IVA and the vehicle is no longer roadworthy and DVLA can revoke the registration.

However there is a scenerio that has been discussed but to the best of my knowledge was never finalised. This was a hypothetical query from the guys who attend "race days" with a IVA compliant vehicle.... Basically.. should the engine suffer damage sufficient to render it "beyond repair" would fitting a replacement engine result in the owner then having a vehicle that was no longer iva compliant ?

This is a scenerio I would be willing to pursue through the channels if allowed in order to create what I can only call a "hypothetical precedent.

There is another option for me assuming I had the fortitude to embark upon the task....  I want a buggy with a hood, basically so I have the choice of taking up your offer of a cup of tea   ;D.  This option is that I would like to start from scratch with another buggy having all the experience of actual build and hindsight and add a hood pre iva inspection,

There is one thing to mention and that is I am sure the tech I have talked to via mobile is probably typical in that their enthusiasm to help is always evident during conversation. My "local" station has not had a buggy through its system so it`s going to be new ground and I am hoping that when I meet the examiners in person I can arrange further consultation .
Beach Buggy General Help / Script style logo
« Last Post by Paul1953 on Today at 12:12:11 PM »
Morning folks.....  Does anyone know of any firm or individual who can create " Flowing Script" style wording in alumium via laser cutting .

Not mass produced but as an individual item
« Last Post by Dave DND on Today at 12:12:11 PM »
Nothing covered per "manual" so open to Vosa examiner approval.

I guess by that stage you should have built up a good rapport with the examiner, so common sense may actually prevail on that one then - fingers crossed.

Another daft question then. . .
Once the Buggy is built and passed IVA, it is my understanding that it cannot be messed about with and that your vehicle must comply and be the same as the vehicle that was submitted. ie, no retrospective modifications. So . . . . (and I realize this may be open to interpretation, I am just trying to learn the technicalities of this)If your vehicle was passed WITHOUT a roof fitted and you decide to fit one at a later date, then if I am correct, then there must be some additional testing that needs to b done to accommodate this. Is there the ability to "update" or amend the IVA with just the new bits being inspected, or do you have to subject the whole vehicle again at full cost for a new test - and does that mean that you may inadvertently open a can of worms complying with any new legislation that may have been introduced since the last test?
If no luck with forum guys call megabug
« Last Post by Paul1953 on Today at 11:54:38 AM »
It does Dave.  Nothing covered per "manual" so open to Vosa examiner approval.  Any nut bolt fixing can meet radii checks by adding the plastic dome type covers which fit surprisingly well. Any pram style hood supports would need to meet radii checks and may require soft covering.
Support points need to be structurally sound.    I have deliberately not spoken to the Vosa tech regarding the fitting of hood\hard top as I won`t be fitting one prior to examination. I have thoughts of how I can fit a hood post examination pass and retain approval.  I am not sure what is meant by 70% rearward vision. Does this mean 70% of rear view mirror vision or does it mean all it`s possible to see should you be looking rearward.

soft top fitting is the one area I am deliberately waiting until I visit in person and it is on quite a list of queries.  I have tried to find someone who had gone through IVA with a detachable roof or hood fitted but have failed so far.

I have had a trying year with regard to progression of my build. As a grandparent, and because my wife works full time, I am the only individual who can do school runs, looked after them both during the long lockdown, and am currently indoors for two weeks with my grandaughter as the primary school she attends closed when one pupil tested positive. Her other granparents have had to shield due to their health issues.

I asked Mike H to create me a bespoke exhaust that would clear the Flatlands rear cage and for advice re excluding engine noise from the 99db level requirement. He has shown me how to take engine noise out of the equation as much as is possible.This back on the 1st of May. Exhaust system I am still waiting for as Mike has, in his words, had a "horrendous year" regarding work and other things so I am being patient. It may be that I have to look elsewhere.

Chin up and all the best to you and yours for the festive season . Stay safe.. Paul
« Last Post by Dave DND on Today at 11:11:45 AM »
Hi Keith.....   Roof up for checks with the usual radii checks. bolt heads\nuts screws and so on.  Support structure integrity and protection for yor head.. ie round supports for hood.  This is an area that very few that I know of have  who have been prepared to tackle..

Does the wet weather gear also come under IVA scrutiny?  Not the hard tops, but the soft roofs we use?

I guess any fittings on the car must also meet with some approval of some kind   :-\
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