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Beach Buggy General Help / Re: Chassis No
« on: July 18, 2017, 07:03:45 PM »
I got some vehicle id plates on eBay,they look the part. Just need stamping in the blank spaces and riveting on.

I gave up trying to buy one so had one made. This took over a year to find anybody who could weld,bend and polish stainless. Found a crazy old biker bloke in the end who makes custom exhausts. I went to see him,told him what I was after,we offered up some various size tubes,came up with a plan. He had my buggy for 2 weeks........sorted. Have a look on Dave dnd's towing frame thread and took a sneaky pic off the front one.

Ok. Plan A,as I'm in the middle of building a new house I'll run it quietly and see about checking the compression myself just before Xmas and if need be take on the ring challenge. Wonder if Mr. Muir does another addition for utter dimwits.  ;-)up

Oh that kind of mushroom. Must be your accent.

Snoop,WAS over fuelling,now addressed. Power was 40 at the wheels. Nothing makes sense. Diesel is the way forward. Mushrooms ain't wood unless my missis has cooked them. ;D

Ok,so read up on it a bit after Gord's post. Mr. Muir says less than a 100,rebuild. That's hot. Chap said mine 80 but I don't know if that was hot or cold. Chap said could be better,just drive it as the excess fuel was washing the barrels and would probably improve with driving. I dunno,ask me summit about wood.

Simply,what does it mean if under 100. Seen you at ebi,sorry me mate got you with his coyote 2 story. I could tell you that one I've heard it so many times. You may have seen him on the strip in his rusty split doing a 16.

Well,picked up me buggy from the tuner tonight. It's a lot quieter and more responsive now. The chap said the regulator was chucking fuel at it,so much so the oil was contaminated. Once he changed the plugs and oil and got to setting it up he was surprised how good the o2,co2 and monoxide readings were. 40 and a bit at the wheels too. Still got oil dripping out of the breather on the oil filler though and a bit out the bottom pulley. I did the valves over and over and now tuned and timed lovely,anyone got any ideas on possible causes ?

Dropped off this morning,blimey the guy had caterams,Cobra, e type's and now a crappy old buggy !

N.E. Motors near Shepton mallet. He is a Weber agent and says he knows the vw engine well. He sounded a little excited when I told him it was a buggy,said he had already done 2 this year. My mate goes to a place in Yate with his race bus,not too far on the map but it's the other side the m4 from Bath,nightmare. A friend recomended this chap who used to get his racing pug tuned there. Take a look at there internet site,old school. He is away 6 July till august but squized my in tuesday and i only rang friday.
I can give you the bad news at swanage,nothing is normally this straight forward.
P.s ... I'm not boasting about all me mates!  :D

Dave,was talking,sorry getting talked at,at Bristol volksfest about a scuby conversion. Red 9 design have done a few. Use the vw box on their van for over 10 years. Also they know a guy that sorts the looms out for you for not much . Give them a ring,they can chew your ear off then ! ;-)up

Now found a really easy way to tune the duel carbs........ it's going to the rolling road to be turned on tuesday :D

Lovely,cheers. Fortunately I have the tdc and 7.5 marks on mine. I only did the pencil thing to be sure they were ok.
So after the timing I need to lean
 out the twin webbers  they are way to rich. Any simple tips would be nice. Like what screw,which way to turn um.
Cheers, the most useless buggy bloke.

So following on from this,I did the pencil trick down the piston to find tdc ,to reset the valves. After doing them,rotated to check all again,needed readjustment. So thought funny,then noticed when at tdc one can rotate the pulley about 3 mms staying tdc. How can you set something accurately when it's not accurate. Anyway timing with electronic points ,some say static others say,no,no,no, strobe light. I ain't done it before so please go easy


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