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Beach Buggies For Sale / Re: 1957 GP Mk1 SWB
« on: June 23, 2019, 05:23:51 PM »
The modifications to the rear end of the body look great, any idea who did them?

I too think it looks really good. Unfortunately I do not know who modified the rear. It was done many years ago before I or the previous owner owned it.
I have changed the rear lights with NOS Lucas lights as I think the 2 each side looks really good.

Beach Buggies For Sale / Re: 1957 GP Mk1 SWB
« on: June 23, 2019, 08:19:11 AM »
Further details of spec etc, as people have contacted me for further details.

I have owned this amazing GP Mk1 buggy for about 15 years and have passionately restored and improved it to its current glory, it has always been kept in a garage at all times and only used in dry weather.
It is a 1957 GP MK1 Short Wheel Base Buggy in Triumph Powder Blue (baby blue), the Buggy was resprayed in 2 Pack paint 4 years ago as the last part of its major restoration. The engine is a 1641cc engine with external filter filter, dual Kadron carburettors, dual ceramic coated cannon exhausts, Facet electronic fuel pump and pressure regulator, Petronix Flame Thrower electronic ignition, leads and coil, EMPI Black Power Pulley and has drum brakes all round. The Dynamo was replaced and upgraded to a 12v Alternator and it has a 4 Speed 1200cc gearbox which a EMPI short shift gear stick.
The wheels are GKN Wolfrace and are 275 by 15 on rear which Hoosier chain link tyres and 185 by 14 on the front.
The front beam is polybushed and has a chrome nudge bar. The front is lowered to give it a street look.
The buggy is Tax and MOT exempt and on the V5 it is registered as a Volkswagen historic vehicle.
There is a 6 point roll cage which I had powder coated gloss black and the interior seats are in black vinyl so it is weather resistant that were superbly redone by Bromsgrove Auto Trimmers with aero style Wolfsburg lap belts, the black/grey fleck fitted carpets give it an OEM look which were custom made by Newton Commercial. The windscreen and frame were purchased from Flatlands Engineering and it has a pair of 6 inch 3way speakers and an amp in the rear with a 3.5mm input so you can listen to your music via your Phone / iPod etc.

Bad points; the log book states the vehicle is grey as it wasnít changed when it was originally resprayed by the previous owner. There is a small cracks in the paint on the bonnet which have appeared in the last year or so that could be flatted out.

Beach Buggies For Sale / Re: 1957 GP Mk1 SWB
« on: June 21, 2019, 08:08:54 PM »

Beach Buggies For Sale / 1957 GP Mk1 SWB
« on: June 21, 2019, 05:44:41 PM »
Hi. I have a brilliant condition 1957 GP MK1 SWB Buggy in Triumph Blue (baby blue) that has a 1641cc engine and 1200cc gearbox and is Tax and MOT exempt and is registered as a Volkswagen historic vehicle.
It was a feature vehicle in Practical Classics a couple of years ago which you may have seen and over the last couple of years I have not used it and therefore may sell it for the right price.
I want to post on this dedicated forum before I advertise it on other sites to hopefully sell it to someone who will love and appreciate it has much as I have over the last ~10 years.
I would be looking for offers over £10k.
Apologies I canít see how to add photos to this post??

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