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May 25, 2020, 02:49:11 AM

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Itís a long way off yet so we think leave it. Letís see what happens  ;-)up

Beach Buggy Engine and Exhaust Help / Re: fuel tank
« on: March 09, 2020, 08:28:41 PM »
Gazaxe . Mention my name when you speak to Steve 👍

Pub booked, see you all Thursday  ;-)up

pub booked, see you all Thursday  ;-)up

Snoopy I will settle up with you at the next Mbc night 😃

Just a reminder to not forget your £1 secret Santa gift tomorrow  :)

Pub booked for Thursday and donít forget your £1 secret Santa gift  ;-)up

yes 8 of us meeting for breakfast at the pub at 10.00am so see you at the market at 11.00ish  ;-)up

Keith, if needed our buggies are available. I also have a rolling chassis or can be there to help every day  ;-)up

Weather permitting, we are going to do what we did last year and have our breakfast at Stonebridge, Toby Carvery (Coventry Road CV7 7HL) at 10.00am and then from there go to Wellesbourne market, which is a very big market and then from there to the hotel.

If the weather isn't great, we will be going into Birmingham City centre for breakfast and shopping so if anyone wishes to do this let us know  ;-)up

This is open to everyone not just the MBC  ;-)up

Cosford it is then    meet at Dave C's house at 10.30 and take the scenic route  8)

Anybody fancy having a ride out on Saturday? Haven't got a clue where to go but any suggestions welcome  ;-)up

For those going to Dubs in the Middle on Saturday, if you want to run down with us we will be meeting at Beckett's Farm at 9.00am and leaving about 9.30am. We will get to Snoopy's house for just after 10.00am and then we can all go round to Dubs in the Middle for about 11.00am  8)

Chad, yes it will be on next year and it's well worth going. We camped down the other end from where we usually camp, with the hot rod people. We were offered to have a stand outside or in the sheds where they normally sell the parts and they called it the street garage and presume it could be the same next year. We've got the organisers email and telephone number if we want to follow it up  ;-)up 

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