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Toyz For Sale / 206 Spaceframed Safari/Off Road/Rally Racer - 29,500
« on: November 28, 2018, 06:06:54 PM »
For sale, 206 spaceframed racer designed for safari/off road/rally use.
Mid-Mounted Jaguar 3.0 v6 engine - this is a brand new engine, and has only had running in and rolling road milage.
Pace Dry sump system.
Jenvey throttle bodies.
DTA ECU/engine management.
D.J.M motorsport DG 500, 6 speed sequential gearbox (brand new) with AP clutch and lightweight/small flywheel. 4wd.
Hi-Spec Monster 6-pot brake calipers with vented discs.
BOS adjustable dampers, monotube with canisters.
All GSR wishbones/frame/composite bodywork - frame is T45 and it's running billet aluminium uprights, rather than the later fabricated steel ones.
Motodrive seats with TRS belts.
This car has only run in ~10 events previously and has just been through a prep/refresh and is ready to race.
Comes with 12 wheels and tyres (8 new) and a small spares package.
Link for previous owners and the last time it was used. https://youtu.be/W1lzbLpt44k

It is advertised on behalf of a friend - however, that's because we built the running gear/frame, etc, etc originally - so any questions on the car you can probably just ask me.
I'll just forward you to him for arranging viewings, etc.

As above, selling our old steelies now we've switched to alloys, these were custom made with laser cut centres and spun barrels - they aren't cut and banded like some, and they come with part-worn Fedima EvoExtreme tyres.
 The rears are 16x7J and have 235/70R16's mounted on them, approx 7mm of tread on one pair, and 10mm on the other pair:

I also have a pair (there might be 3 actually, will check) of fronts, which are 16x6J, with 195/70R16's on them:

Bear in mind these are raced items, with a year or two of offroading, so they have dents, dings and will probably want straightening out and repainting - unless they're going on a Baja/Rail, in which case bolt on and have fun  ;D

I'd take 350 for the lot to get them out of the way (the Fedima's are 110 a piece new now alone!), I might split the wheels and tyres if requested. Possibly split into a set of just 4 wheels too.

As we've also changed the front hubs to fit new alloys, I'm selling the wilwood 5-star front hubs, so there's a pair of brand new brake discs and the 2-pot forged dynalites (great condition, only been on a year) up for grabs if anyone makes me a sensible offer:

These are the calipers if the photo isn't clear:

And the discs (part worn set on the hubs, although very little wear - but there's a brand new pair to go with the calipers too)

Disc dimensions:
 - 10" diameter, with a 1.5" swept surface for the pad, 8 bolt holes on a 5" PCD (bolt holes are countersunk for M6 fixings), internal diameter is 110mm and they're roughly 7mm thick.

Members Buggies / A mucky one - racing rail.
« on: March 26, 2015, 11:33:31 PM »
Lovers of all shiny and bling, look away now, don't say I didn't warn you.



For those who are spraying bleach at their screen and rubbing furiously, have some shiny to restore the balance:

AND I'm going to let you look at more shiny things to erase the earlier trauma inducing flying mud from your minds. I'm just too nice to you lot:

Newbie Welcome Area / Hi all, one from the muddy side....
« on: March 26, 2015, 06:12:09 PM »
Hello, from the muddy side, so I'm afraid I don't have a beach buggy, but rather a rail, without many VW bits left.  ;-)up

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