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December 03, 2020, 02:31:53 PM

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Events, Cruises and Gatherings / SDBC Virtual Meeting tonight 8pm
« on: December 02, 2020, 04:36:15 PM »
The SDBC Virtual Club Meeting is tonight at 8pm on Zoom.

Hope to see as many of you on there as possible, it'll be good to catch up.

You can join the meeting by clicking https://zoom.us/j/73556088198.  If you do not have zoom installed this link should install the app too.

If you do have the app installed and just want the meeting ID it is 73556088198

Beach Buggy Engine and Exhaust Help / Full Flow
« on: October 08, 2019, 03:35:38 PM »
OK doing a couple of upgrades to my engine over the winter and would like to add a full flow external oil filter.

Just not sure on what to buy and fit.  So looking for advise on what parts are required and where/how to moult in. 

I get the machining side just the rest of it I'm not sure what will work on our buggies.

Hi All.

Doing a bit of a refresh on the buggy and am changing to Smoothie wheels.  Going 15"x8 on the rears and 15"x6 on the fronts.

Rear tyre choice is easy.  I'm going for 275/60r15 Cooper Cobras.

But looking for something for the front.  Want something that will look right with the Coopers.  The minimum size I can buy from Coopers are 215/65r15 but have a feeling these will be to tall and wide for my front arches, and my speedo.

I am currently running 195/60r14.

So what suggestions are there for a good tread pattern match and a decent tyre?

I know what you did last Summer . . . / The end of Beach Buggin'
« on: February 12, 2018, 01:27:24 PM »
Taken from https://www.facebook.com/groups/beachbugginfans/permalink/10156378765999396/

Hi Guys we need to let you know that BeachBuggin 18 will not be going ahead and Dave and I have made the extremely tough decision NOT to continue on with the BeachBuggin Show.

Following the meeting with Portsmouth City Council Events Team back in September 17 we both came away from the meeting with exactly the same impression - that the values of the show would be undermined by the new constraints Portsmouth City Council (PCC) want to put on the show and the show would not continue in its present form - they have rated us a large show (i.e. the same size as Victorious Festival!!!!!!) and therefore there will be a huge increase in costs because of the various hoops we are being asked to jump through as well as a massive increase in the bureaucracy that brings. At the end of the day our very simple and successful formula (some VWs parked up in a field showing off!) would be completely turned on it's head.

The key factors that have brought us to this decision are:

Charity Sponsorship - PCC have said we can only sponsor charities within the PO1 to PO6 postcode. This means that 80% of the Charities we have sponsored in the past would not have met this criteria - Rowans Hospice, Macmillan Cancer Support, Aidan's Walking Fund, Cancer Research Campaign, Naomi House, Hayling Island Hedgehogs, Kings Arms Young Carers, Hayling Island Scouts and Ickle Pickles would only have just scrapped through because they are at QA Hospital in Cosham. In effect they would 'vet' and approve our chosen charity. We simply don't find this acceptable especially as some of the charities that we have donated funds to in the past who do fall into the approved postcode range- i.e. Helping Hands Homeless Charity are openly "disapproved" and "opposed"by PCC - we aren't interested in politics just in helping charities who do good things!

Volunteers - we will not be able to use Hayling Island Scout Group to do our parking (which is in fact their Mums & Dads) anymore, this is because they are not in the PO1 to PO6 postcode and I quote "not part of Portsmouth". Hayling Scouts have been supporting the show for 6 years and in return for their car parking we make a donation to them which they have used for attending events and jamborees. We have also been told that our Stewards will need car parking qualifications! (we have checked this out and no such qualification exists only for Banksmen on Highways) It was evident that the use of volunteers was not supported at all by PCC and seemed to be completely frowned upon - the bottom line is we simply can't run this show without volunteers.

Show Layout - the council have indicated that they want the show to be gated to restrict footfall! The whole point of the show is it is an open show and the public are free to walk on, as are the show attendees. Gating the show brings a whole new range of restrictions that we just aren't interested in entertaining and would just simply change the atmosphere and show dynamic

Costs - the show has always been run on a Not for Profit basis by VOLUNTEERS with the aim of maximising our profit for the benefit of our chosen charity for that year. Three quarters of the profit goes to charity{s} and a quarter retained as working capital for next year's show so it is completely self-funding. The margins are tight and - we have a turnover of circa 12k per annum of which 4k is spent on advertising and running costs including 800 on insurance - that leaves 6k for our charities - 4.5 k for our sponsored charity, 1.5k for the Amanda Fund (charitable donations for various causes throughout the year) and 2k in reserves - any increase in costs will just wipe us out without significantly increasing the gate price - we aren't prepared to do that as it is not justifiable.

Dates - what a joke this has been! full stop! even after 18 years of holding the show in Portsmouth and for the past 8 years on the same date, the council bump us at the drop of hat, 4 times! This is simply down to money - we get charitable rates for hiring the common compared to other shows that have to pay a commercial rate (20 times higher than the charity rate ). So we will get bumped each time a show wants the dates we have booked!

I think you'll agree that the support of PCC is simply not there.

So after 18 really great years and over 85k in donations we are calling it a day - thank you to everybody for all your support, love and help over the years - we really have enjoyed every minute of it.

All the best

Dave & Ally

Beach Buggy General Help / Heated Buggy Windscreens
« on: December 07, 2016, 02:59:06 PM »
I have been in contact with Ricky Evans Motorsport http://www.heatedwindscreen.com

They do road legal heated windscreens and are able to make the Manx style screens (I was specifically asking about the (16" x 42").  So I am messaging to gauge interest.

Here is what they said (The prices are currently approximate)

  • If it was just one you could be looking around 450 + VAT
  • If we could get to maybe 5 screens I'd say more like 300 + VAT each.
  • The magic number would really be 10 screens as the price would come down again to maybe 200 + VAT

I know there is an IVA requirement about having a way to demist your screen so this could be the answer.  Also at this time of year we are all having issues if we are still driving.

Beach Buggy Engine and Exhaust Help / Oil from crank pulley
« on: December 03, 2015, 04:54:17 PM »
After my 120 mile journey to VW heritage at the weekend, once stopped a large about of oil was spotted dripping from the crank pulley area.  It's never normally bad, but have an excessive amount all of a sudden.

What could have failed to create this leak?

Parts Wanted / Looking for an early steering column.
« on: May 05, 2015, 11:27:39 AM »
Hi Guys,

I'm looking for an early beetle steering column <67.  The one without the collapsible section.

Anyone got one?



I have an annoying engine stumble which I've been living with, but would really like to solve.

If hitting full throttle from idle (like you would taking off from a traffic light)  the engine stumbles.  If you tap the accelerator first then floor it, it's fine.

This can be reproduced when the car is parked up and if you floor the accelerator the car pretty much stalls.

I've got a 1641 engine with very good compression, mechanical fuel pump, regulator set to approx. 1.5psi, Dual Dellorto DRLA 36, Bosch 034 SVDA carb with new points.  Jets were all setup on a rolling road.

I've uploaded a video to Facebook and made it public so anyone should be able to see it. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152760389507773

I said this on the Ace topic, but thought it better to create a new thread.

If any of the Northern buggers, midlands or even further north want to come down for the Ace, I have 2 spare bedrooms, a double and a twin. plus room for a few tents in the garden.

I have off road parting and can fit quite a few vehicles.

This will save the long run in the morning and I'm sure I can cook up a few bacon sarnies.

My location is correct on the map.

So any takers?

I've just had the following through by email.

Sunday 15th June Knebworth Fathers Day Festival of Transport 10am 4pm
Knebworth park, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2AX

The weather is set fair for this weekends event at Knebworth and with over 2,500 tickets in circulation for classic cars and bikes we are fully expecting this event to be the biggest and best classic vehicle event at this prestigious venue in 2014. Former Top Gear presenter Steve Berry will be MC in the arena for the day with Autoglym concours winner Brian Braid judging the concours throughout the day. The concours competition takes place in the arena throughout the day with bike of the show at 1.30pm and car of the show at 3.30pm with competition expected to be very stiff in the various categories. We already have an impressive range of autojumble and trade stands booked in with space for more, stands measure 6m x 6m on grass and cost 30 for autojumble and 40 for trade on the day.  Set up is from 2pm to 7pm on Saturday and from 7am on Sunday morning.  Public admission is 9 per person over 4 years which is the normal Knebworth admission price and includes entry to the show, parkland and adventure playground with admission to the formal gardens and house extra.
We look forward to seeing you at Knebworth on Sunday.
Andrew Greenwood

I have 10 free passes for drivers and passengers (2 adults 2 children per vehicle) if anyone wants to go - we need to be in there by 11.30am - queues are normally quite long to get in.

Bug jam is nearly upon us.


So for those of us that are younger or younger at heart and are up for it they do club camping for groups of 10 or more http://www.bugjam.co.uk/clubs.php

I have 7 spare passes which give entry to.

26th MayKnebworth Park, Stevenage, Herts, SG1 2AXMini & VW only
15th JuneKnebworth Park, Stevenage, Herts, SG1 2AXKnebworth Festival of Transport (Father's Day)
24th AugBlenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxon, OX20 1PPPre 1999 Classic Car Only
25th AugBlenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxon, OX20 1PPBlenheim Festival of Transport

Passes are only valid if you are showing a pre 1999 classic car, and is only valid until 11.30am.  The pass admits two adults and two children free of charge all other occupants pay the normal admission price.  The vehicle is not to be advertised for sale and goods are not to be sold from the vehicle.

The passes can be used for multiple shows.

Show details can be found at http://www.classicshows.org

Inigo, I'm assuming you are going to want one.

Members Buggies / Roadrunners FF
« on: January 22, 2014, 11:00:29 PM »
Well I thought it was time to start a thread for my buggy.

Many of you have seen it and after winning this years most need of attention at the SDBC picnic, it's time it got some of that needed attention.

Recently I moved house and now have a nice sized garage to work in.

So yesterday I brought the beasty home and have started the work this evening.

First thing was to drop the engine and gearbox out, my gearbox has been leaking from every joint and this is a situation that just can't continue.  So I hope to get it seen too first while I sort some other issues out.

Fingers crossed this isn't going to be a long set of jobs and I would love to get it to Volksworld, but we shall see.

I'll try snap some pics tomorrow and get them up.

OK guys I need help.

I have a spare front beam which I've had powder coated and am ready to install on my buggy.  I've got be needle bearings and Bakerlite inner bushing/bearings to install & ream.

I've got a reamer so easy enough, or so I thought.

Now here's the problem.

How on earth do you get the inner bushings pushed in far enough into the tubes?

I've managed to get a bush about 3" into a lower tube, but it's stuck there.  As for the upper tube I can barely get it past he edge.

This is what the Bakerlite bearing/bushing looks like

I got mine from http://www.machine7.com/section.php?xSec=431

If anyone has any ideas, or other options, instructions or links would be great.

Beach Buggy Electrical Help / CB Ground Plane
« on: August 13, 2013, 03:32:08 PM »
What people using for a ground plane for their CB aerials?

4x4CB's artificial ground planes are currently out of stock.

I've tried a sheet of 250x500mm galvanised steel under the shell and that hasn't worked.

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