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November 24, 2020, 05:59:00 PM

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Parts Wanted / Type 4 flywheel hole plug
« on: July 20, 2020, 05:43:24 PM »
Would anyone happen to have one (or two as a mate is also after one) of these

The plug goes in the inspection hole for the flywheel on a type 4 - a hole that is of no use unless you have an auto box apparently.

Beach Buggy Engine and Exhaust Help / Valve adjustment
« on: April 19, 2020, 01:25:05 PM »
I'm sure everyone has their way of doing their tappets but this one grabbed my attention.

Beach Buggy Electrical Help / Wiring issue
« on: November 20, 2019, 02:43:42 AM »
Evening all. I'm having a bit of a problem identifying some wiring, admittedly it's on my bus not my buggy but the best wiring brains I know are on here!
It's a 75 bus with a 2 stalk column and this one is the indicator and headlamp flasher stalk. I took the whole thing apart to clean it and found what looks like a bodge. There are only 6 wires that come out and there are only connections for 6. The 2 grey wires inside seem to have been twisted around 2 others and had a bit of tape around them - I'm pretty sure that's not original. Does anyone by chance know what the grey wires are for and what the original layout was? This kind of stuff isn't in any diagrams I can find. Maybe the stalk is from a different vehicle that had an extra function? Any suggestions welcome.

Beach Buggy Rolling Chassis Help / Track rod boots
« on: September 29, 2019, 06:14:06 PM »
I'm sure I read a post here recently for a good supplier of track rod boots that don't perish as fast as the cheese ones. Did anyone else see it or have I gone mad.

Beach Buggy General Help / Waterproof cover
« on: June 21, 2019, 05:30:54 PM »
As some will know after IBW, I need a waterproof cover for the buggy that fits. Not worried about it being breathable as it'll only be used at night on campsites - just waterproof. Don't want a cheapie as I've been there and done that. Recommendations please folks?

Parts Wanted / 28mm venturis for twin IDF40s
« on: June 18, 2019, 12:38:18 PM »
Does anyone have a set of 28mm venturis for twin IDF40s please? Either for sale or swap for my 32mm set which are too big for my 1584cc motor.

Beach Buggy Engine and Exhaust Help / Bad misfire
« on: April 28, 2019, 08:34:30 PM »
Twin 40IDFs, stripped, ultrasonic cleaned, new gaskets.
All new fuel lines (Cohline from Coolair).
New fuel filter.
Removed regulator as Facet posiflow only pumps at around 3psi.
Plugs cleaned, gapped and tested.
Points pretty new, gap checked.

It takes 10 or 12 goes to start from cold (no choke). Misfires on the offside cylinders (1 & 2). The symptoms are the same as when I've had blocked idle jets but I've cleared those this time.
I took all the plugs out and tested all the leads and plugs, holding the plug against the engine and they all sparked OK.  Wasn't the bluest of sparks, a bit yellow maybe? But it seemed strong enough.
Any ideas please good people? Only 5 weeks till IBW and I'm starting to worry now  :(

Beach Buggy Engine and Exhaust Help / IDF40 top gasket
« on: April 14, 2019, 06:27:15 PM »
I may have found a problem that I may have solved:

The red circle shows a small hole/gallery that I don't know the purpose of. Is it something to do with the idle jet circuit? Anyway, you can see in this next pic that the gasket had the hole in the wrong place:

They were gaskets that came in the refurb kit. I have redrawn the gasket so I can use my sticker cutter to cut them from 0.8mm flexoid gasket paper. I did it for my bus which has the same carbs and they ran well when Rob bench tested my new bus motor. So now the hole is in the right place:

Could this have caused my misfiring and popping?

Beach Buggy Engine and Exhaust Help / Twin 40s fuel pipe plumbing
« on: April 07, 2019, 04:53:39 PM »
I'd like to use 8mm copper pipe fixed around the top and back of the fan housing - I think @roadrunner did something similar recently. Any tips please Gordon? How best to connect the pipe to the carb and the long pipe through the chassis?

Beach Buggy Engine and Exhaust Help / Ultrasonic cleaner
« on: February 06, 2019, 02:00:45 AM »
Can anyone recommend an ultrasonic cleaner? No idea about these things. I need to be able to fit a Weber IDF 40 in it and maybe big enough for a cylinder head would be good   :)

Beach Buggy Engine and Exhaust Help / Fuel filters and blocked idle jets
« on: January 24, 2019, 01:31:29 AM »
Been pondering why my idle jets in my IDF40s keep blocking after a couple of hundred miles. I use the larger type plastic fuel filters with paper elements and have them fitted with the arrows for direction of flow the wrong way round. I have a feeling that the bits I keep finding in the idle jets are from the filter. All pipes were new and this has happened since I fitted them - i.e. since the buggy has been back on the road. Any thoughts guys?

Beach Buggy Body and Chassis Help / Air drill for wire brushing
« on: July 08, 2018, 11:59:00 PM »
OK I'm giving up looking for a decent quality flexi drill shaft.
Next idea is to use an airline drill like this :


Will thus be OK with drill wire brushes? It says it goes up to 20,000 rpm - is that too quick?

The drill itself is almost as small as the handle of the flexi drill shafts, so hopefully easier than an electric drill to manoeuvre around under the chassis.

Parts Wanted / M14 wavy/crinkle washers
« on: March 08, 2018, 11:28:31 PM »
I'm after 2 x M14 wavy/crinkle washers in 10.9 grade if anyone has a couple please? I can't find a supplier for them - any ideas guys?

Beach Buggy Electrical Help / Silicone Ignition Leads
« on: January 08, 2018, 08:16:30 PM »
I'm looking to buy some silicone ht leads for the buggy. A decent set of 8mm leads from Machine 7 are 65, whereas a set of 7mm leads off eBay from "dubalicious" are 16. Big difference. Can anyone advise the best way to go please.

Beach Buggy Engine and Exhaust Help / Buggy won't start
« on: October 29, 2017, 02:10:36 PM »
Nice sunny day I thought. Nice day to give the buggy a run out I thought. Would it start, would it heck. Last run was 4 weeks ago and that time it didn't want to start. Checked inside dizzy cap for damp, which was fine, replaced it and then it started! No such luck thus time.
Electric fuel pump working fine. Took a plug out and held it against block and there is a spark but it looks weak and dancing around the electrodes a bit. Plug is a little black but not overly so.
The buggy has only ever done 1500 miles so don't think anything needs replacing due to wear but everything is about 30 years old. Suggestions where to start or how to diagnose please. Very frustrated  :(

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