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Since my post on the facebook group I have been getting lots of messages - sorry I have not had time to get on here this week due to work commitments - but here is what I know so far and apologies now as its a bit vague.

Royal Manchester Children's Hospital (RMCH) 31st July.
The charity would really like us to do something this year.  However poorly children and any potential increase risk of infections do not make a good mix and it creates all sorts of "risk management" issues that have to be formally reviewed and agreed.  So Angela from the charity is running with this and as soon as we get an update I will let you know.   If you do want to come please just make a note of the date and hopefully we will have updates soon.

VWNW Tatton Park
This sort of caught me out as I really didnt expect it to go ahead.   However they have announced that they are planning to go ahead subject to what ever government guidelines / restrictions that have to be adhered too.   I have spoken to them and it will be a very different show this year.   

Club stands will be restricted in numbers of cars and strict spacing will have to be followed (so more spaces between cars and hence less cars on the stand).  The show area will also have less cars and more spacing.   So they expect lots of people will be disappointed as they may not get into the show with their cars or there may not have enough spaces on club stands.    I must stress that I am just the messenger here and I know this is going to be disappointing for many.

The show will be on Sunday 1st August - so this clashes with Swanage which is disappointing that after a year of restrictions we now have 2 great events on the same weekend.  All entry will be via e-ticket (currently not on sale).   Show cars and club stand cars will all have to purchase an e-ticket online before the event.   No e-ticket no entry.   I am told they will be very strict on this and will make not exceptions.

I have applied for a club stand of the maximum size ie 10 cars.   I immediately requested if we could have more but nothing has been confirmed (even the request for the club stand).   However I am confident that we will get a club stand (10 spaces) as they have asked for the size of the hospital tent and  they have adopted Humphries (the Charity mascot) on quite a lot of their marketing.   This will create a slight challenge for them as they need a plot big enough for the cars / the tent and the official spaces between everything.

So for now I have to work on the basis that we will get 10 slots on the stand (and if we get more that will be a bonus).  Plus as always first come first served when it comes to allocating the slots.    Normally that would have taken place on here but as mentioned this was announced and I had not realised, I posted it on FB earlier this week and since then I have had several conversations with people.  Hence slots have already been allocated to:

1. Myself with Mandy
2. Davyd
3. Andy (Snorkel)
4. Doug - we couldnt do this without Minions!
5. Shaggy and Pam
6. Richard Brook
7. Gary Wilson
8. Mick Stephenson

So we have 2 spaces left on the stand.   Names on the club stand do not have to register on the VWNW site.  I will get passes sent to my address and will make sure you get them.  You will need to purchase an e-ticket when they go on sale.  If for any reason those booked on the stand find they cant attend please let me know as soon as possible as we will re-allocate the space and we want no "no shows".    VWNW told me they counted all vehicles at the show 2 years ago and have records of all entries for the main show so past "no shows" are unlikely to get a slot this year.   

Once we have the remaining 2 slots booked the only way to get into the show will be to enter online.   This does not guarantee you will get in I must stress.    That is all down to VWNW and the way they will allocate / the space they have etc.  You can book via this link https://archive.aweber.com/vwnw_club/JvCcV/h/Booking_open_for_Tatton_Park_VW.htm?fbclid=IwAR2R9bv4qrCIeMfZsas6GEEcrnuCiiA9JWsBboaX4PaEQJqwhpXagQWLugE

I think we should run a "wait list" once we exceed the 10 slots just incase someone drops out our if by some chance VWNW allocates more spaces on our stand.  So please add to the list of names if you want to attend on the stand and first come first served for the two remaining slots.   

So having booked a club stand at VWNW I thought I should start a post and a couple of our favorite lists  ;D

As normal the "big beach buggy weekend" will do day 1 at the hospital and day 2 at VWNW Tatton Park http://www.vwnw.co.uk/   Currently we have 10 places on the club stand at Tatton (I have requested more) or you can enter the show http://www.vwnw.co.uk/concours/ or http://www.vwnw.co.uk/punks-and-rats/

I spoke to a few people at the weekend when we met in Southport so may have a few newbies attending.  If you have not been before the hospital is a really rewarding day where we make poorly kids smile taking them for short rides around the hospital grounds.  All very relaxed and informal.  We meet at around 11am - break for lunch for a cruise / drag run between traffic jams in the centre of Manchester then back to the hospital and then depart when ever you want (formal end being 4PM).  This is the Charity we support https://rmchcharity.org.uk/ and they will be with us on the club stand at VWNW.   The hospital site is https://mft.nhs.uk/rmch/

Unlimited on numbers for the hospital but first come first served for Tatton (and please note last year we had a few no shows at Tatton - given we dont get a large number of passes we really need to make sure they are used wisely - so dont just say yes if its a maybe !).

So the lovely lists of attendees

RMCH - 3rd August

VWNW 4th August

VWNW Booking is open.

Sunday 5th August

I have booked a club stand.  As normal this is initially limited to 10 and I have already asked if we can go to 15.  Some of you have already confirmed you will be going (please just double check and let me know if things have changed) so I have tickets allocated to:

1.   Myself (Krug)
2.   Dave
3.   Jools (GPJools)
4.   Paul (LeeBow)
5.   Dave Wainman
6.   Allan
7.   Vanessa
8.   Shaggy
9.   Alan Mathie
10.   John Dunne

Don’t let the number booked put you off.  They have always extended us to 15 (or more) in the past so let’s create a list and see how it goes.  Alternatively, you can also book into the concours.

As always on the Saturday 4th we will have our regular Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital event.  As there are quite a few new members I thought it worth a quick reminder of what this is about.  Several years ago, my daughter broke her neck and RMCH saved her life.   I wanted to do something back.   Kids in hospital need inspiration and something to cut through the boredom.  When poorly kids smile and laugh it is one of the best medicines they can have.  So, with the help of many buggy friends we decided to take a buggy show to the poorly kids.

We arrive around 10:30 – 11 in the morning.  We take children for rides around the hospital grounds.   At 12 is we have a break so the kids can get fed and that gives us the opportunity to have a cruise into the Centre of Manchester….. A Saturday afternoon in the Centre of Manchester with all the shoppers out and buggies making lots of noise is a great way of attracting attention 😊  We try to have the hospital Mascot (Humphrey) in one of the buggies as it helps to raise awareness for the hospital and the charity.  We also have the Charity Flags for the Hospital on our buggies.

After the cruise we come back to the hospital and take more kids for rides.  We tend to depart around 16:00ish but this is a low-key event and basically you can come and go as you want.

Quite a few people are staying at my house so after the event we head out into Derbyshire and have a cruise and then a meal and several beers in the Bulls Head Tintwistle.   Last year we went to Holme Moss on our ride out which has spectacular views and gave Dave the Opportunity to test out how his buggy performed on extreme camber roads 😊
So for RMCH we need another list which I have started :

1.   Myself
2.   Dave
3.   Jools
4.   Paul
5.   Alan
6.   John
7.   Shaggy
8.   Allan
9.   Vanessa

Really hope more of you can make either / both events!

I know what you did last Summer . . . / Buggy hire in the Dominican Republic
« on: September 30, 2017, 04:13:42 PM »
Just returned from holiday in the Dominican republic..... Most of these have been shared on Facebook but thought it worth putting them on here as not everyone uses Facebook.

Kurt Van Opstal lives in the DR and runs a company called Fun Buggy Punta Cana  https://www.facebook.com/funbuggypuntacana/

I could resist and we had a full day tour with Kurt.  It was a really great day and some serious off road.   Loved every minute of it!   Well apart from the 1 horse power bit  :D :D :D

I know what you did last Summer . . . / RMCH 2017 Pic Heavy
« on: August 07, 2017, 01:53:23 PM »
Some of these lifted from other peoples post on FaceBook

Last year I attended a local "open day" at Relics and Rust in Hyde Cheshire.   Jools and Dave also came along.  It can only be described as one of the most amazing, maddest, slightly chaotic and massive fun afternoons I have ever had.  There were mods, rockers, bikers, 50s rockabilly, petrol heads of all types old and young with  Hot rods, American classics, VWs,  70s street cars, choppers, scooters ........ you name it .... even 3 beach buggies  ;-)up :D

Seeing 10 litre drag car doing burn outs started several others to do the same all on a main public highway in a largely residential location!  The event was pack and there were cars literally dumped everywhere (on pavements, side streets, main road).

So this year they have decided to move to a location with a bit more space and less neighbours to annoy.

Their FB page is

The event will be on the 6th September

The location is

The Carriage House, Marsden
Manchester Road, HD76 Huddersfield

The locations FB page https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Carriage-House-Marsden/215529171807432
The locations web site http://www.thecarriage-house.co.uk/

If its anything like last year - this is one not to miss!

Keep an eye on their facebook site as they are talking about having a cruise may be from their shop, which would be great fun with so many different types of vehicles.

I will be going (if it rains in my daily) in the buggy again and I know Dave and Jools will be up for it.   Any more interested?


On Sunday I came across the Oil Can Cafe ..... what an amazing place.  From the outside looks like nothing .... but inside... WOW so many old cars, motorbike, pedal bikes, toy cars and of course Oil Cans!

The Cafe its self is really good in a 50s / 60s theme.   And this Thursday they have a meeting .... so weather permitting I am going (and Dave and Jools).



Its actually just off "Butt Lane"  in a place called Dobroyd Mills, Hepworth ( near Holmfirth) , Kirklees, HD9 1AF    The show is free and starts at 6PM on Thurs 20th - short notice but I only found out on Sunday!

Beach Buggy General Help / 1 sooty plug
« on: June 20, 2017, 03:05:35 PM »
On my way back from IBW I had an issue.  It started by feeling like it was bogging down when I accelerated.   It got worse and after a while I had very little acceleration and had to feather the accelerator to get any acceleration.

Half way home I swapped the HT leads for new Petronix leads.  I also took out the plugs and number 1 was dry and very sooty - the other 3 were perfect.  So I swapped the plugs as well.  I also took out the main jet and the idle that feeds number 1 (I have twin Del 40s).   It did feel a little better for a while but by the time I got to the ferry it was not good again.  Took out number 1 plug as sooty as the one I threw (and dry).

On the last leg back from Hull we got saturated and the carbs must have been hit with more water than they were ever designed to get.  But it got me home.

I am mad busy with work so my plan was to throw it in to my local engine doctor (Stef).   However over the weekend he was bitten by some odd insect and now has a hand the size of a football - so out of action for a while.

So I need to make the time and have a look and see if I can fix it.

Any ideas what it could be / where to start?  It ran perfect going and all the time I was there (up to the trip home when we pulled in to help a fellow stranded buggy)

Thanks in advance


Beach Buggy Engine and Exhaust Help / Mayonaise
« on: May 21, 2017, 10:24:55 PM »
So I had some issues similar to the last couple of years..   I vent my engine from the fuel pump...I have an electrical one ....to a tower at the side of the alternator.....that is then vented to my driver's side carb.   Every time I change the oil I have issues. Today was the most extreme.

I set off this morning having not really run it since a new oil change. 10 mins in ....running rough. Then poping and banging from the driver's side.   Got to the show where we was going and pulled the idle jets and full of foamy crap and blocked

Then took the pipes off and full of mayo.......disconnected the tower and light brown watery stuff pee'd out.....

Cleaned the idle jets by it started to tick over ok....but carb was obviously filled with crap.... WHY?

New oil. New filter. New Strainer.......

Going to take off the carb and flush......but why did his happen ????? Had a similar issue last year but not as extreme.

Set off at 5:30 so cool. But it never really got warm....couple of hours journey.     Using Halfword Mineral oil......
Not Happy

Beach Buggy Engine and Exhaust Help / Oil strainer question
« on: May 16, 2017, 10:11:21 PM »
I was changing my oil and when I took the oil strainer out I found it a bit of a fiddle to get out. The gauze was a bit misshaped and had a couple of grubby bits. Nothing major but I decided to swap it. My engine is a 1776 heritage so I knew it's not OEM.  When I came to put the new one in it was a really tight fit. I double checked and it was exactly the same sized as the old one ....even the hole in the middle. Any views ? Is this just poorly fitting aftermarket parts ? It went in and sump plate on, oil in and not leaking. Just seemed a bit strange but may be worrying over nothing.

I know what you did last Summer . . . / Northern Buggy Owners
« on: April 26, 2017, 09:53:15 AM »
There seems to have been quite a few people who have joined over the last several months that are based "up north".   For some time now we have been thinking about a NBC and potentially meeting up more frequently.

So I thought I would kick of this post so we can find out who is "up north", where they are and if they would be interested in regular meet ups (yes you can see a list coming).

If you are interested and would want to be part of the NBC please add your names to the list (I have took the liberty of adding Dave and Jools as I know they are both interested) and then we can start looking at locations where we can meet up (probably moving around the region rather than the same place every time)

Krug (Tony)  Location Tintwistle  (East Manchester)
Dave   Location Littleborough/ Rochdale (North East Manchester)
GP Jools (Jools) Littleborough / Rochdale (North East Manchester)

http://www.vwbudburg.co.uk/  Oulton Park  6th 7th May

Just spotted this on Social Media.   Not sure if I can make it yet as its down to how well the Mrs is though may be possible to just do a day trip - but thought I would share as others may not have seen it 

Beach Buggy Electrical Help / USB Port / Cig Lighter wiring
« on: February 25, 2017, 11:23:23 AM »
I could do with a bit of advice as I purchased a marine grade  USB / Cig Lighter / voltmeter  and it came with no instructions.  All I plan to use it for is my Sat Nav and charging my phone (want this for the shows and IBW).  Any tips ? Especially fuse size.



For anyone interested - All types VW show north wales http://www.alltypesvwshow.co.uk/Show---Shine/show---shine.html Sunday 21st May.   Last year it clashed with IBW so didnt go - always a nice little show and in need of more aircooled / buggies

Anyone fancy it .... you have to apply on the link above for the show and shine entry.

Parts Wanted / RMCH (Saturday 5th Aug) and VWNW 2017 (Sun 6th Aug)
« on: January 24, 2017, 01:04:31 PM »
Just dates for your diaries at the moment .........

Saturday the 5th August

The date we are planning our annual Royal Manchester Children's Hospital meeting


Similar format as usual, very informal, meet around 11 ish, cruise at lunch time (hopefully without the road works chaos of last year .... I will have to plan a better route  :D ) back to the hospital and depart around 4ish (or before if you need to go).  Plan - make very poorly children smile!

Sunday 6th August VWNW at Tatton Park


As always we will have a club stand (already requested not to be under the big tree where it was cold last year) and people can enter the concours.   Club booking is normally open around Easter and I will make sure that is booked.   I noticed from the web site trade booking is already open so they have already started the planning.

I will be at both and hopefully lots of you can make it - so book the date in your diary now and think of those heady sun filled days in Manchester !!! 

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