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Since my post on the facebook group I have been getting lots of messages - sorry I have not had time to get on here this week due to work commitments - but here is what I know so far and apologies now as its a bit vague.

Royal Manchester Children's Hospital (RMCH) 31st July.
The charity would really like us to do something this year.  However poorly children and any potential increase risk of infections do not make a good mix and it creates all sorts of "risk management" issues that have to be formally reviewed and agreed.  So Angela from the charity is running with this and as soon as we get an update I will let you know.   If you do want to come please just make a note of the date and hopefully we will have updates soon.

VWNW Tatton Park
This sort of caught me out as I really didnt expect it to go ahead.   However they have announced that they are planning to go ahead subject to what ever government guidelines / restrictions that have to be adhered too.   I have spoken to them and it will be a very different show this year.   

Club stands will be restricted in numbers of cars and strict spacing will have to be followed (so more spaces between cars and hence less cars on the stand).  The show area will also have less cars and more spacing.   So they expect lots of people will be disappointed as they may not get into the show with their cars or there may not have enough spaces on club stands.    I must stress that I am just the messenger here and I know this is going to be disappointing for many.

The show will be on Sunday 1st August - so this clashes with Swanage which is disappointing that after a year of restrictions we now have 2 great events on the same weekend.  All entry will be via e-ticket (currently not on sale).   Show cars and club stand cars will all have to purchase an e-ticket online before the event.   No e-ticket no entry.   I am told they will be very strict on this and will make not exceptions.

I have applied for a club stand of the maximum size ie 10 cars.   I immediately requested if we could have more but nothing has been confirmed (even the request for the club stand).   However I am confident that we will get a club stand (10 spaces) as they have asked for the size of the hospital tent and  they have adopted Humphries (the Charity mascot) on quite a lot of their marketing.   This will create a slight challenge for them as they need a plot big enough for the cars / the tent and the official spaces between everything.

So for now I have to work on the basis that we will get 10 slots on the stand (and if we get more that will be a bonus).  Plus as always first come first served when it comes to allocating the slots.    Normally that would have taken place on here but as mentioned this was announced and I had not realised, I posted it on FB earlier this week and since then I have had several conversations with people.  Hence slots have already been allocated to:

1. Myself with Mandy
2. Davyd
3. Andy (Snorkel)
4. Doug - we couldnt do this without Minions!
5. Shaggy and Pam
6. Richard Brook
7. Gary Wilson
8. Mick Stephenson

So we have 2 spaces left on the stand.   Names on the club stand do not have to register on the VWNW site.  I will get passes sent to my address and will make sure you get them.  You will need to purchase an e-ticket when they go on sale.  If for any reason those booked on the stand find they cant attend please let me know as soon as possible as we will re-allocate the space and we want no "no shows".    VWNW told me they counted all vehicles at the show 2 years ago and have records of all entries for the main show so past "no shows" are unlikely to get a slot this year.   

Once we have the remaining 2 slots booked the only way to get into the show will be to enter online.   This does not guarantee you will get in I must stress.    That is all down to VWNW and the way they will allocate / the space they have etc.  You can book via this link https://archive.aweber.com/vwnw_club/JvCcV/h/Booking_open_for_Tatton_Park_VW.htm?fbclid=IwAR2R9bv4qrCIeMfZsas6GEEcrnuCiiA9JWsBboaX4PaEQJqwhpXagQWLugE

I think we should run a "wait list" once we exceed the 10 slots just incase someone drops out our if by some chance VWNW allocates more spaces on our stand.  So please add to the list of names if you want to attend on the stand and first come first served for the two remaining slots.   

I just want to be clear. I am not suggesting you dont have this event. Do what ever you feel is ok for you. We all have different circumstances and views (for example my Mothers situation). I love (most) of this community and this is why I call out the issues in Derbyshire. I have personally tried to stay safe whilst supporting the local Covid support, food and medical support, virtual support radio and social media, acting as the community gov covid interpreter ( on average 60 plus gov emails a day), shopping for local pensioners etc... plus working in my day job.   I love my community / village and that's why I have done all of this. I try to always use factual and trusted data so we are informed.   After that every individual does what ever they think is right. Same for this community.  People who have been to my house may recall a car park at the side of my house in a sleepy little village. Last Saturday there was an illegal rave for an hour in the car park can you believe..until a few of us broke it up.  That's how mad parts of Derbyshire has been so dont think the hills and views give protect you.     I really hope you have a great weekend and would love to have been there ...but please respect my choice like I will respect yours.

It will be predominately towns and cities where they have a lot of students or large BEMA populations as they all went out protesting before the rest of the population went mad heading for the crowded beaches in the sunshine so flare up 2 and 3 are on the way

This is not proving to always be the case, especially in Derbyshire.   We were inundated by the "essential exercise" brigade long before any of the protests.   Some of the Derbyshire villages were gridlocked.   On the Woodhead Pass, where I live, there were ridiculous numbers of cyclists, Runners, local car clubs meeting in groups of 60 plus, one day over 1000 motorcycles were recorded at a greasy spoon on the pass, and of course we had the "I have to take a BBQ so I can eat my burgers when exercising" idiots that set fire to the moors.  I faced abuse and ridicule when I called this out at the time on facebook (even by people in this community). But now we are seeing the impact.  We have almost no BEMA or Students in my area yet 17 cases were recorded in a local care home over the past weeks.   Derbyshire Police were publicly ridiculed for being too heavy handed and had to totally back off.  They and the local authority have refereed to tourist Covid imports as the negative effect we now have as a result of allowing people to do what they want.

The fact is this is here for the long term until (if we ever do) get a vaccine and its looking more and more like local lockdowns will become the norm (which are questionable as to the impact they will have as many will simply ignore them).

I picked up on this because we are officially Derbyshire (even though its been Lancashire and Cheshire in the past  :) ) and there has been quite a bit of local coverage in the local press.   How this will be enforced is anyone's guess as I cant see anything on the Gov.UK web site

Keep an eye on local lockdowns  - latest on areas where new lockdowns are being considered - this is bouncing around in the media (so always worth questioning as it may not be true) and as yet there is nothing on the official UK Gov site

Barking and Dagenham
Greater Manchester
Hammersmith and Fulham
Isle of Wight
Kensington and Chelsea
Milton Keynes
Redcar and Cleveland
Richmond upon Thames
Tower Hamlets
Windsor and Maidenhead

We have decided that we will not be attending (even for the day).  The outbreaks in Leicester just go to show that Covid is still very much alive in the community and having looked after an 85 and 94 year old all the way through this, we just cant take the risk for their sake.

Hope you have a good one.

Tony & Mandy

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: New to buggies! Any advice appreciated
« on: May 24, 2020, 11:09:31 AM »
I am 6ft 4 ins (so normal sized) and its a challenge as most buggies are designed for smaller people.  The buggies I found had the most room were Doons and then a Jas (I am talking SWB).   I have a Sidewinder and I have been shocked when sitting in other Sidewinders just how little room others have.   So clever selection of seats, seat mounts, steering wheel etc are essential.

I have Mambas (have planned to ditch them for ages and not got round to it) as they are very narrow at the back so go the max they can backwards (sadly they are a bit too tight on my backside).   My seat wedges were flatlands but were cut down as I wanted to be lower and sit in rather than on the buggy.   My steering wheel is 10 ins.  I have the very old style steering column (I think its either late 50s or early 60s (I was told its slightly shorter but cant say for definite if thats correct.  I also have modified pedals.  They are actually shorter and spaced slightly differently.   The short part is actually not needed (size 12s) but the spacing really helps.

The biggest issue I have is when the hard top is on .... a) its a bit difficult to get in and out  b) your view is restricted so traffic lights can be challenging to see when you are stopped at the other then through the side.

Stick with it though as it can be done and nice to see more normal sized people in buggies :)

Beach Buggy Engine and Exhaust Help / Re: Carb Setting Up
« on: May 24, 2020, 10:52:48 AM »
Probably too far for you - my go to guy is Stef at http://www.macvw.co.uk/  Its really worth finding someone who knows there stuff as it will save you an age - plus someone that has a rolling road.  Stef actually taught me how to set my carbs up.   I also found getting a good book also helped me - I have Dells so used the Superperformance book.   Took a while to get my head around some of the explanations but worth doing as it all seemed to suddenly become clear and understandable.   It is an art stetting them properly so finding someone good was the best thing I ever did

Beach Buggy General Help / Re: Removing Chrome coating?
« on: February 19, 2020, 10:23:32 PM »
I am impressed you have chrome that needs stripping and has not just fallen off like most of the crap on the market ... tell us more !  ;D ;D ;D ;D

Beach Buggy General Help / Re: Fuel shut off vave
« on: August 13, 2019, 10:40:19 AM »
I have the correct size motor cycle valve just below my tank.  Money well spent if ever you need to work on it and saves a load of hassle (also when parked up over the winter serves as an extra anti theft device which I always seem to forget to turn on when I come to start it :) )

A massive  THANK YOU to everyone who came, donated, post things on social media etc .... we had a cracking weekend. On Facebook alone we raised 1450 and through cash donations to me another 140.   Then we have the bucket collections at the hospital and Tatton Park still to be counted  :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

I cant believe how lucky we were with the weather so someone was looking down on us   :)   Buggy Fan upon high  ;-)up

I know a couple of people didn't make it but you have very valid reasons as to why not - so dont worry and look forward to next year   8) 8)

The Children's (Paddy) award given by Oliver (who actually made it out in 3 buggies) went to Doug - yet again he put his heart and soul into the weekend and worked his butt off to make kids smile and raise some cash - massive Thank You to Doug   ;-)up ;-)up ;-)up ;-)up ;-)up ;-)up

So next year it will be 1st August at the Hospital and the 2nd at VWNW Tatton Park.   It will be our 10th anniversary so hopefully we can make this an even more special one and get more of you along.
Thank you all again and soon as I have the official figures from the hospital I will post them on here.

Just read on FB that Chad / Sonya are donating the extra proceedings from the IBW/ Paddy Tee Shirts to the RMCH Charity.   Thank you so much Sonya and Chad and thank you all who donated that bit extra  ;-)up  Wear your Paddy with pride is what I say and lets take him to the hospital again along with the Paddy award we have !!

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Thank you for adding me to the group.
« on: July 30, 2019, 11:41:37 AM »
Welcome and hope we get to see you soon (in the buggy)

Just over a week to go - so I need to do the formal stuff as there are a few new people coming:

RMCH will be fully operational on the day of the event and hence we need to respect that.  There will be patients and families that are not happy and dealing with difficult situations.  So as much as we may be having fun just keep in mid that they may have other things on their minds.  Also the hospital tries to send as many children home as possible at weekends.  So the children who are there tend to be the most unwell.   Many will not be able to come down to the vehicles and they get the pleasure from looking at them through the windows.   So even if it seems quiet at times dont underestimate what a great job we are all doing just by being there!

The Charity team will have a drivers briefing to explain the do and donts - they are really nice but be aware the security people (3rd party) are not as nice and in the past have suffered from jobsworth syndrome and total lack of humour.

RMCH is owned and managed by 3rd parties.   So again we have to respect that especially because the hospital can get a bill if we make a big mess ie lots of oil on the paths.  That's why I bring cardboard with me (enough for everyone) and each time you stop please make sure you have some under your engine (even if it does not leak)

Permission is needed before you can take kids out.   In the past they have had stamps on hands so we could see who has been given permission.  This will be confirmed on the day.

Obvious things, no speeding on the hospital grounds especially when you are giving kids rides.

Pictures of the kids should be left to the Hospital and parents (consent is needed and the hospital can get in big trouble if we publish pic of the kids without permission).   

Stand by your vehicle when its hot - remember the kids get very excited and can run around - buggy engines and exhausts can get very hot especially when we are giving lots of relatively slow rides.  So when you stop stay by your buggy until the exhaust is cool enough to touch.

If you have not been before this may sound difficult - but its not.  We just need to observe a few things to make sure we dont fall on the wrong side of health and safety.  If we get good weather remember it can get quite busy.   Not all the kids there will be patients.  Some are likely to be brothers and sisters.  Some may even just be locals.  We try to be nice to all but patients should get priority. 

And on a more personal note - Be careful leaving anything in your buggy as the hospital can not be held responsible.  Angela has always found space where we can store things if needed.  The hospital is not in a nice part of Manchester and we will get passing interest - hopefully all good but you never know.

For Directions

Postcode  M13 9WL

We enter from the Hathersage Road where you will see Ronald MacDonald House and of course the main entrance with the Multi Coloured pillars.

Can you plan to arrive from 10:30 onwards (there is no fixed time so dont worry if you are later (earlier is more of a problem).  I will aim to get there around 10ish to get set up etc.   At 12:30 we leave the hospital so the kids get a break and can be fed.  We attempt the Manchester City Centre Cruse which is always a mix of mayhem, madness, break downs and general fun / traffic nightmare - I plan to have a ride into Manchester at the weekend to see what roads are closed / any diversions etc and plan a route.  The drive out is 45mins to 1 hour depending on traffic.   Make sure you have some fuel.   When we get back you can leave at any point.  We formally depart at 16:00 again so the hospital can get back to normal and do the round etc.

And finally it is totally up to you if you do or do not want to do rides for the children.  Just being there is fantastic.   Some of the kids will have things like oxygen cylinders and I know we dont want to get scratches and marks ... I have done it every year and never had a problem and I am in the slightly clean and polished category (when it comes to my buggy).  So your call on the day.

Looking forward to seeing you all and this year.   For the second year we have the added bonus that a couple of the patients will be asked to judge the cars and award a best in show aka "A Paddy".   This is is just a bit of fun for the kids and more importantly to remember or great friend.

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