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Forum Guidelines

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on: February 20, 2013, 05:44:52 PM

Posts which are outside these guidelines are subject to modification or even deletion by the Moderators. The decision of the Admin Team is final, and a long drawn out post mortem on any action or decision is never helpful and will not be tolerated

Avatars and Signatures
Not everyone has a 200 meg broadband connection to the forum and some use mobiles/PDA's.  Please keep avatars to below 50k to avoid annoyance to low bandwidth users. Also, keep the maximum size to 100 x 100 pixels.

For the same reasoning as per avatars, please keep signatures to less than 3 lines of std text. If using images, the maximum height is the equivalent of 3 lines of std text, and no wider than 640 pixels. Ideal permitted size of signature picture is 468px x 60px

Posting in For Sale sections

No posting For Sale items in the 'wrong' areas to get around the postcount limits.

Currently you need to be a Junior Member (over 10 posts) to advertise your parts or over 50 Posts (or a 5 donation) to advertise your Car.

If you are a buyer, please ensure you are happy and confident with the seller before parting with money.

Sellers must provide an approximate price in their description. This is NOT an auction site, and certainly not a blind bid selling arena. If the item is for collection only, then this must be stated and a location must be given. If the item is to be posted, then an approximate price of posting must also be indicated.

Sellers must be the registered owner of any vehicles posted here, and must be in possession of a valid V5 certificate in their name. If you are unable to meet this criteria, then please contact a moderator for assistance. Cars for sale on behalf of a "friend" or "mate" are not permitted here.

The For Sale sections are simply for that purpose.  Confine posts in the thread to relevant and pertinent comments, please, such as to confirm condition, mileage, trim, history and the like.

If you have a variety of parts to sell - Please list them all in one thread.  Common sense and consideration for others is requested so that you do not hog the first couple of pages all to yourself and relegate the competition down the page listing.

Posts deemed not to meeting these criteria will be subject to deletion.

If you have a comment to make such as I would have bought it if it was cheaper/a different colour/Friday/whatever, then do so by PM, NOT on the thread.

If you think the for sale ad is worthy of further discussion within the forum as a whole (if its a hound of a car or something very rare you want to share) then treat the sales thread like an E-Bay ad, Dealer add or a post it note in the local newsagents - give a discussion link in the general discussion area and DO NOT add such discussion to the sales thread itself.  If the seller cannot or will not give a good description of their product, its their loss.....   

General Posting
Keep posts relevant, short, and on topic, especially on Help threads, and meeting organisation threads.  General Chat is the only area where we expect things will go off at a tangent!

Keep titles relevant, and not just 'Help me' etc.  Not everybody has time to read every thread

Use English, no text speak which is notoriously difficult to read.

Excessive use of bad language of any description will not be tolerated, neither will the use of certain words (masked or otherwise) which we hope should be plain and obvious to anyone who can read these guidelines and be intelligent enough to work out what kind of behavior is and isn't allowed.

Members being offensive to other members will not be tolerated. Offensive or abusive public threads or private messages will be looked in to and appropriate action taken by the Moderators.


No discussion of acquiring or distributing copyrighted material.  If you legally own/licensed the material, that's fine.

No preaching or posting of a religious nature, whatever your faith may be.

No thread bumping (posting on a thread, purely to get it to back to top of the list).

Welcoming new members - keep this only to those members who have posted their hello thread within the last week.  And please DO NOT resurrect old threads in order to increase your post count.  It adds to admin problems and confuses who is new and who is getting a welcome some weeks after arriving here!

Commercial Advertising

Many of you out there will be running your own businesses, (not just Automotive related ones), and we fully appreciate that forums such as this can be a vital source of income. For those amongst you who are participating within the forum and actively engaging with other members, then we encourage you to blow your own trumpets within the threads and we will permit you (within reason) to actively promote your own business, providing of course that this does not relate to any illicit, prohibited or adult nature.

There are of course some guidelines and rules. You are permitted to include your company details and logos within the signature box, but please adhere to the rules with regards to permissible sizes. It is important to note that this is a Commercially Operated website that is funded by Sponsorship and Banner Advertising. Because of this, we are unable to permit you to use large banners or corporate logos within your threads, as this is unfair to those who are paying for this service. If you feel that your business could benefit from a Banner advert, and would like to give something back to keep the forum alive, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Administrators, as our advertising rates are very reasonable indeed.

Any Commercial advertising by non participating members without prior permission will not be tolerated anywhere within the forum, and any members found to be in breach of this will be removed forthwith.

Reporting Posts
On each thread will be a "Report to Moderator" link. This is not always as sinister as it sounds. Whilst we would like to think that our members are always well behaved, there are occasions when standards may slip. Should you ever find anything inappropriate or offensive, then please use the link and report it. If you are struggling with a post, and you need an edit, or a hand with something, please contact a Moderator for assistance, but please don`t use the report button for that.

Logging In
If you log in using the boxes at the top right of the screen, depending on your internet browser, you may be automatically logged out after an hour or so, this is just a way of keeping bandwidth down. However, if you are a more frequent user of the site, you can log in permanently if you follow these easy steps.

General Help
Remember, there is a search facility. Many problems have been discussed before so please use the search facility first.

By posting, you agree that the copyright for that post belongs to BeachBuggy.info

All information, including text, logos and pictures is the copyright of BeachBuggy.info

Posts and pictures must not be published elsewhere, without permission from BeachBuggy.info Admin Team.

You are free to publish links back to BeachBuggy.info pages starting with http://www.BeachBuggy.info - directly linking to our pictures is expressly forbidden.

And finally....
The Admin Team reserve the right to alter these guidelines at any time.

The decision of the Admin Team is final in all cases.
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