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Welcome to The Forum

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on: February 20, 2013, 03:40:54 PM
  A warm welcome from all at  BeachBuggy.Info 

This site is dedicated to all things Buggy and we are sure you will be able to gain (and share) valuable knowledge from here to keep your Buggy where it belongs, ON THE ROAD!!!!

If you have joined other forums in the past I'm sure you will have no problems navigating your way around the site, if not here's some quick help to get you started.

Firstly, nobody on here bites, we are very friendly and all try our best to help each other as much as possible as we all share a common interest.

Please take your time to explore the site and to get to know this place better, We recommend you post below in the Welcome area so people can say Hello to you.

If you can supply as much information as possible on your profile it would be prefered as it helps us answer questions you may ask quicker and more accurately. Entering your personal information is of course your own decision and is not compulsory, but it would help if we could at least have your location.

The site has several areas as you can see:-

Buggy Help Zone is for asking question when your Buggy goes wrong or when you need to know anything mechanical about your car. Technical Info, Faq's and general help sections are all related to this topic and are well worth checking first before you post in this section as your answer may already be in one of these sections. If you can't find it or are still unsure then ask away!

Chatterbox is what it says, you can talk about anything and everything as long as it is legal.

We also have a Members Buggies section if you would like to post pics of your pride and joy, and tell us all about it

Keep a close eye on the Events section, as this is often where we get to meet up with each other.
Cruises, beers, bar-b-ques, camping, road trips, and generally having a bit of a laugh. It should also be pointed out that many of us on here have not actually met each other yet, due to geographical locations, but on here we have all become firm friends which is a real ice breaker when we do finally meet. Please join in with us, and come along to the events and meet us, they are always open to everyone.

If you need to contact a member and would rather it was not posted on the general board you can send them a personal message. To do this click on their name and it will take you to their profile, click send a personal message. This is useful if you want to give out phone numbers or addresses etc etc. This is also applicable if you need to contact one of the Administrators or Moderators if you have a dispute or problem with the forum. Admins/ Mods can be found on the members list highlighted in RED or BLUE

Cars for Sale/Wanted and Parts for Sale/Wanted area, you are welcome to view these, but you will have needed to have made at a few posts before starting a new thread in these sections. 

You may have noticed members have different titles on this site, Newbie, Jr Member, Full member etc etc
This is basically relevant to your post count

Newbie                 = 0-10
Junior                  = 11-50
Full Member        = 51-100

and so on..........

We also have Administrators and Moderators, these are the people who run the site and spend a lot of time and effort making sure the site runs smoothly and within the law.

At the top of the page you will see Home, Help, Search etc etc
If you want to search for a specific topic enter a key word into the 'search' box
If you need help with anything else click on the 'Help' box to see if an answer can be found there,if not don't be afraid to ask,we really don't bite and it will usually help other people aswell.

Once again Welcome to BeachBuggy.Info and enjoy your stay

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