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March 02, 2021, 07:11:09 AM

Current Buggy Kit Manufacturers.

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on: April 01, 2014, 09:02:51 PM
List of current known Beach Buggy kit manufacturers.

Californian Dune Buggy kits, all long wheelbase, as originated by Limited Edition in Cheshire in the 80s will very soon be available again from the original moulds. Kit will consist of body, bonnet with integral screen frame, dash and sidepods that link to the flared front wings for a much more 'finished' look.

Details from gary.b.martin@sky.com

EAST COAST BUGGIES - website: http://www.eastcoastbuggies.co.uk - Moulds for the Classic Buggy ( Manx 2 derived), Sidewinder,  Prowler, Bounty Hunter and GT buggies (all SWB) and the GT LWB. Also hardtops, sidepods, seats, battery boxes etc. and Bug-Eyed Baja Bug kits.

VOLKSMAGIC- website : http://volksmagic.com Doon Buggy  (LWB & SWB).

Doon- http://www.doon.co.uk/wpimages/wp53736db8_05_06.jpg

JAS BEACH BUGGIES No current website, contact Tod Oliver Davies thru Facebook for LWB kits to order.

Jas Long wheelbase- http://i244.photobucket.com/albums/gg2/tododavies/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zps44bd5647.jpg

PRO LAMINATES- GP MkI style kit (with noticeably wider rear wheel arches) SWB. Usually sold on eBay.


VOLKSROD - website: http://www.volksrod.co.uk SWB & LWB.

BALLZER BUGS -  LWB buggy based on the older Jas buggy shape. Sold thru eBay, seller hardy230516


BUGLE website- http://www.buglebeachbuggies.co.uk/ Moulds for SWB Bugle 2 body plus tagra style roll bar cover/rear window surround, currently belived to be 'mothballed' but I'm sure that they could be persuaded to mould one to order if needed. Contact Oddball MC via Facebook.

KINGFISHER KUSTOMS - http://www.kingfisherkustoms.co.uk - Dave Fisher's Kingfisher Kustoms have a large selection of classic Buggy moulds. They can supply long and short wheelbase GT kits (moulded by East Coast Manx, see above) but they also have moulds for the Kombat, Kango, GP MkI, II and III (LWB & SWB) which they say they could get moulded to order.

FF BUGGY - website: www.ffbuggies.co.uk   FF Buggy (SWB and LWB) along with sidepods etc. Through their laminator, they can also supply  Predator, Sidewinder and Jas style kits, and also the Surf Buggy (all SWB). Also hardtops, sidepods, seats, dashboards etc. to order.


Speedster Clinic - website: https://www.speedsterclinic.com/ Have posted that they have moulds for the Hoppa Street Buggy, and for a GP style short wheelbase body that has its origins in the old Powerbug shell but without the headlights in the bonnet. Both kits suit a 15 3/4 inch shortened chassis.

Sadly, Koyote 2, Manta Ray and Renegade moulds are currently missing.

There are other moulds out there for sure but this list is intended to show ones that are being produced at present. If anyone knows of any others please let me know.

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