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March 08, 2021, 07:27:33 PM

New Rules For Sellers: Please read before posting

This is a discussion for the topic New Rules For Sellers: Please read before posting on the board Beach Buggies For Sale.

Author Topic: New Rules For Sellers: Please read before posting  (Read 8526 times)

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on: February 21, 2013, 09:05:13 AM
You are more than welcome to advertise your Buggy for sale here, but we do have some rules:

Please bear in mind that this is a Commercial based forum with very high exposure over the Interweb, and is offered Free of Charge to its regular contributors. There will obviously be those of you who do not want to join our ever growing community, and just want to advertise a car for sale within our captive market, so for those people, we will ask you to make a financial contribution instead.

If you are a regular contributor to the Forum with 50 or more posts, then you may advertise your car for sale here, FREE OF CHARGE

If you are new here, and have less than 50 posts, then we will ask you for a 5 donation towards the upkeep of the website in return for a 3 month listing on here of your car for sale. At the end of the three months you will have the option to renew your advert for an additional fee, or let it expire. If your post count exceeds 50 at the time of renewal, then it will be renewed automatically, FREE OF CHARGE. Please do not simply reply to any wanted adverts in an attempt to get around this - any such replies will be deleted.

Should you wish to proceed, then simply list your vehicle for sale and we will contact you with an invoice for payment if required.
Alternatively, please send 5.00 via Paypal to   dave@dndservices.co.uk   with a subject of "Beach Buggy For Sale"

Rules for Everybody:

Sellers must be the registered owner of any vehicles posted here, and must be in possession of a valid V5 certificate in their name. If you are unable to meet this criteria, then please contact a moderator for assistance. Cars for sale on behalf of a "friend" or "mate" are not permitted here.

Sellers must provide an approximate price in their description. This is NOT an auction site, and certainly not a blind bid selling arena. A location must be given where the vehicle can be viewed.

The better your description, and the more photos you include, the better your chances of a sale. If you are unsure of how to post photos, then please read the detailed instructions in the Newbie Area. You are more than welcome to include external links to your own website or your eBay listings but we do request that you also put a full description and pictures here too. These For Sale sections are simply for this purpose. Please confine posts in the thread to relevant and pertinent comments, such as to confirm condition, mileage, trim, history and the like.

If you have a comment to make such as I would have bought it if it was cheaper/a different colour/friday/whatever, then do so by PM, NOT on the thread. If you think the for sale ad is worthy of further discussion within the forum as a whole (if its a hound of a car or something very rare you want to share) then treat the sales thread like you would an E-Bay / Dealer advert or a post it note in the local newsagents - give a discussion link in the general discussion area and DO NOT add such discussion to the sales thread itself.  If the seller cannot or will not give a good description of their product, its their loss.....   

Posts deemed not to meeting these criteria will be subject to deletion.

And above all else - If you are a buyer, please ensure you are happy and confident with the seller before parting with any money.
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