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February 28, 2021, 10:43:49 AM

Sellers: Please read before posting

This is a discussion for the topic Sellers: Please read before posting on the board Toyz For Sale.

Author Topic: Sellers: Please read before posting  (Read 5337 times)

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on: August 28, 2013, 01:30:38 PM
Posting in the Toyz For Sale sections 

Apart from our Buggies, many of us also have a few other interesting "toys" to play with, and from time to time we may get bored with them and want to pass them on. Where better to dispose of your "toys" than amongst a forum of like minded idiots.

So if you have a "plaything" that may be of interest to others, such as Motorbikes, Unusual Cars, Quads, Funky Guitars, Skateboards, R/C Helicopters, Jetski`s, Boats (getting the idea?) then why not list it in here.

Think along the lines of "Phwoar, I`ve always wanted one of them" and thats what we are after.

Please note that this is not a section for simply advertising your non VW or car boot tat, and anything deemed dull and boring will simply be deleted.

Usual Forum Rules Apply here: 

Links to your ebay listings are now permitted, providing that you also post full details and a picture on here as well..

Currently you need to be a Junior Member (over 10 posts) to advertise your toys for sale.

If you are a buyer, please ensure you are happy and confident with the seller before parting with money.

Sellers must provide an approximate price in their description. This is NOT an auction site, and certainly not a blind bid selling arena. If the item is for collection only, then this must be stated and a location must be given. If the item is to be posted, then an approximate price of posting must also be indicated.

These For Sale sections are simply for this purpose.  Confine posts in the thread to relevant and pertinant comments, please, such as to confirm condition, etc, as we already have other places on the forum for general chat.

If the seller cannot or will not give a good description of their product, its their loss.....   
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