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March 02, 2021, 07:29:55 AM

Sellers: Please read before posting

This is a discussion for the topic Sellers: Please read before posting on the board VW Parts For Sale.

Author Topic: Sellers: Please read before posting  (Read 8245 times)

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on: February 21, 2013, 08:57:39 AM
Posting in For Sale sections 

Links to your ebay listings are now permitted, providing that you also post full details and a picture on here as well.

No posting For Sale items in the 'wrong' areas to get around the postcount limits.

Currently you need to be a Junior Member (over 10 posts) to advertise your parts for sale.

If you are a buyer, please ensure you are happy and confident with the seller before parting with money.

Sellers must provide an approximate price in their description. This is NOT an auction site, and certainly not a blind bid selling arena. If the item is for collection only, then this must be stated and a location must be given. If the item is to be posted, then an approximate price of posting must also be indicated.

The sale of V5 certificates (or Logbooks) without an accompanying Chassis or Spine in this area (for restoration purposes) is not permitted on here. Any documentation posted here must also bear the registered name of the seller. Any V5 Documentation advertised with nothing more than an accompanying VIN plate, or the inference of any cloning activities will be met with an instant ban from this site. Chassis for sale on behalf of a "friend" or "mate" are also strictly forbidden here. The sale of bare Chassis parts or Spines without any documentation (for general spares or off road purposes) is however permitted.

These For Sale sections are simply for this purpose.  Confine posts in the thread to relevant and pertinant comments, please, such as to confirm condition, mileage, trim, history and the like.

If you have a variety of parts to sell - Please list them all in one thread.  Common sense and consideration for others is requested so that you do not hog the first couple of pages all to yourself and relegate the competition down the page listing.

Posts deemed not to meeting these criteria will be subject to deletion.

If you have a comment to make such as I would have bought it if it was cheaper/a different colour/friday/whatever, then do so by PM, NOT on the thread.

If you think the for sale ad is worthy of further discussion within the forum as a whole (if its a hound of a car or something very rare you want to share) then treat the sales thread like an E-Bay ad, Dealer add or a post it note in the local newsagents - give a discussion link in the general discussion area and DO NOT add such discussion to the sales thread itself.  If the seller cannot or will not give a good description of their product, its their loss.....   

If you are unable to meet this criteria, then please contact a moderator for assistance.
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Reply #1 on: September 09, 2014, 06:33:31 PM
Just to add to Dave's comments:

If you see an advert from a seller on here and feel you want to make a comment/constructive criticism - please either pm the seller or report the post to a moderator who will then feed that back to the seller (anon. if you request)

Please remember that some members on here are sponsors of the site and are on here as traders. And as such we should respect that they may only come on here to sell - they are paying for that privilege and are helping to keep the site going! (Traders who are not sponsors may be viewed slightly differently  ;) )

Its good to have discussions about all things buggy related - thats why this is a forum but in this section we should be mindful of persons and business reputations.
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