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April 11, 2021, 11:22:41 AM

How do I post photos on here?

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Author Topic: How do I post photos on here?  (Read 10639 times)

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on: February 23, 2013, 04:57:14 PM

UPDATE: as of today 30th June 2017 Photobucket have changed they rules on hosting. I will update the guidelines on posting photos on here very shortly.

Bear with us on this, its simple really.

We can't host (or store) the photographs on here directly. And of course we cant see them if they are on your computer only. So you need to store them online somewhere, most of us generally use www.Photobucket.com - its free, easy to use and has been very reliable. But there are others out there too.

Are you are familiar with Photobucket (or similar photo sharing website)? If not no worries....

Go to their website, register and login. The you will see this option to "upload" the photos. You can even just drag and drop the jpeg files over to it. It can even automatically resize them to more practical and manageable sizes.

Once uploaded into your library find the photo, click on it so you can see it. (You can even rotate it, edit it etc.)

Then click on the box saying IMG code Some browsers will automatically copy the code for you. If it doesn't with your cursor within the code, select copy all (right click OR Control + "A") and then copy it (Right click option OR Control + "C")

Go back to your post a reply/new topic on here and paste that code (right click option OR Control +"V")

Code looks a little like this

[IMG ]http://i1135.photobucket.com/albums/m625/print465/Photobucket%20Desktop%20-%20Andrew%20Robinsons%20MacBook%20Pro/photobucket%20export/207768_10150211526826798_529966797_8238452_791363_n.jpg[/ IMG]

And the image will post something like this.

But I suggest you test it before you hit Post by Previewing it and if its all OK, then hit Post.

And thats it - simple really!
(Note that if you ever move the location of the image in photobucket or which ever provider you use, the images will no longer view. So just do a new post with the updated links in it.)

And remember .... We Like Pictures!!!!

Common mistakes are missing the [ IMG] http://  bits of code (though should be automatic) - Does yours show that?
Is it the right size? Have you copied the code for the thumbnail by accident?
Its just not showing at all? Have you moved the photo with the photobucket library?

Remember you cant necessarily copy photo links from your facebook galleries as these are likely to be locked as private to your friends only etc.

Oh and one more thing, you know you can get aps for your smart phone to log in and upload photos from that device on Photobucket etc.

However, we are aware there is currently an issue with viewing images stored on Photobucket on some Android devices, using slightly older operating systems. I understand that Photobucket are working on this solution. In some cases (not necessarily all) others have resolved this issue using different browsers such as Opera or updating the operating system
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Reply #1 on: February 12, 2017, 05:37:21 PM
For those of you who already have pictures hosted elsewhere, have seen a picture on the Interweb you would like to use, or have a photo already on Facebook that you would like to share with us, it is really easy to do.

First of all, find the picture you want to use on the Interweb and place your mouse pointer in the middle of it.

"Right click" on the picture, and you will get a drop down menu come up. We are looking for COPY IMAGE LOCATION
Now it is entirely possible, depending on the site you are on, that a different menu comes up without this option, a bit like this:

If so, then place your mouse pointer in the middle of the picture and do a "Left click" instead. The picture should now appear in a viewer frame, and if you now try and "Right click" on it, then you will see that a different menu appears, this time with the option of COPY IMAGE LOCATION

Place your mouse pointer over COPY IMAGE LOCATION and click the left button.

That's it, you have grabbed the picture and we now need to transfer it onto the forum.

Go to the forum thread that you want to add it to and then press
  CTRL and V on your keyboard simultaneously, or "Right click" and select "PASTE". Makes no difference. What appears will look a bit odd but don`t worry. It is actually the location of the picture, and it may look something like this.

https: //scontent-lht6-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/10258184_391425154331265_5042390206736059188_o.jpg?oh=05a910b77e1e681a09f5a0674d73c765&oe=594508AD

Now move your mouse to the start of this line, press the left button, and whilst holding the left button, move your mouse to the end of the line so that the whole thing is highlighted, and then let go of the button. It should look like this

With this line now highlighted, "Left click" on the INSERT IMAGE box just above the first smiley

You will now notice that your line has some new IMG attributes at each end - this allows a picture to be shown

[ img ] https: //scontent-lht6-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/10258184_391425154331265_5042390206736059188_o.jpg?oh=05a910b77e1e681a09f5a0674d73c765&oe=594508AD [ / img ]

If you now hit the PREVIEW button, you should be able to see a picture, which you can then post onto the thread. If you see a similar or slightly garbled version of the line you are playing with, then check the syntax carefully, as any characters or spaces that are not supposed to be there will cause an image to crash.

The first picture will appear a little daunting, but take your time and you will find the second very easy. By the third picture, I promise that you will be wondering what all the fuss was about.