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March 02, 2021, 08:08:55 AM

New Buggy Parts

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on: September 29, 2020, 10:40:14 PM

Here is my current selection of beach buggy parts.

Firewall Panel - This panel fits under the bonnet, between the fuel tank area and the cockpit. Cuts down drafts and is a great place to mount electrical items. Laser cut in stainless steel. Supplied with fittings. (Its the long flat panel pictured!)


Seat Mounting Wedges - these provide a strong base and comfortable angle to mount your seats to your floorpan. Laser cut in 3mm mild steel and precision folded. Predrilled for mounting. Supplied in raw or powder coat finish.

30 raw or 40 powdercoated (sold as a pair to fit one seat)

Front Body Mounts - These Z shaped brackets secure the front of the body shell to the top of your front beam. Laser cut in stainless steel and precision folded. Supplied with all fittings.

25 (sold as a pair)

Rear Body Mounts - These brackets secure the rear of the body shell to the top of the rear shock towers. Laser cut in stainless steel. Fittings supplied.

20 (sold as a pair)

Steering Column Mount - This bracket mounts to the front firewall and helps secure the steering column tube. Supplied with all fittings and new rubber grommet.


Hidden Screen Mounts - These brackets fit to the side of the bonnet and provide a hidden, secure fitting for the windscreen frame. Suits all Manx style frames. Laser cut and tapped in mild steel. All fittings provided.

25 (sold as a pair)

Fuel Filler Adapter - This part must be welded to the fuel tank. It is adjustable in height. Used to fit 2.75 threaded filler caps.


All parts are made in the U.K.

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