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October 26, 2020, 10:27:28 AM

Swanage 'Show us Yours' winners and prizes

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Author Topic: Swanage 'Show us Yours' winners and prizes  (Read 903 times)

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on: July 30, 2019, 01:06:31 PM
For those of you contemplating joining us next year for Swanage 13 - this may give you an idea that its not like most other events in the UK and what it is about, i.e. a chilled weekend with mates a a right good laugh.

Swanage 2019 'Show us Yours' results in the order of Award, Recipient, Prize

CLEANEST BUGGY - Dave TV Coleman - Tube of Slime

DIRTIEST BUGGY  - Chris Barker - Hoola Girl Air Freshener

BIGGEST CHROMO - Allan - Pack of Chrome Paper Cups

SPARKLIEST BUGGY - Colin Chapman (I think, help me out someone) - Bottle of Glitter Glue (There were many many candidates for this award but as I am on the none sparkly side of the garage and don't have a clue about flake size, colour etc, we decided because his wheels were also painted in metal flake, this is what tipped the balance ;D)

DUDE WHERE's YOUR CAR; aka ANYONE GOT A SPARE SEAT AWARD - Dom Grandhaie - Up-Cycled indoor bowls trophy supplied by the football club, with sand glued to it. Basically a balnk trophy on which Dom can glue n a model beach buggy once his car is finished


STAINLESS EXHAUST IN NEED OF MOST HELP - George Meakin - Bottle f Harpic and pair of gloves

BREAKDOWN AWARD #1 - Dave Dnd for IBW trip home this year- Bottle of Metalflake Green Glitter Glue for the toolbox.

BREAKDOWN AWARD #2 - Flags for consistent need of minor roadsaide fixes - Bottle of Metalflake Orange Glitter Glue for the toolbox.

LONG DISTANCE AWARD - Patrick Hermans - 2 cans of energy drink and some Cadbury's choclate fingers.

BUGGY OWNER WHO HAS EVERYTHING - Matt Manxter Williams - Candle driven chrome dangly mobile

BUGGY NUMBER RAFFLE - Jason Bear Bartley - Paint your own racing car set

More Serious Awards

DRIVER's CHOICE aka READER's DRIVES - Matt Manxter Williams - Bespoke, hand made, one off, up-cycled capet bowls silver plate trophy with Buggy Daddy hot wheels model glued on top (with maker's own superglue thumbprint in the paintwork  ;D)

SPIRIT OF PADDY AWARD (awarded by Sonya, MAx and Tayte) - Flags - Hancrafted wood and model buggy display board with engraved silver piston mounted on the board)

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