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October 26, 2020, 09:59:00 AM

Swanage 2019 The Official thank you

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Author Topic: Swanage 2019 The Official thank you  (Read 1001 times)

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on: July 29, 2019, 10:19:58 PM
More to follow but a very quick thanks to you lot.
I値l be back.

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Reply #1 on: July 30, 2019, 10:01:19 AM
Where to start?
I suppose it痴 got to be the thanks to the many but I値l name and shame a few.

Firstly I think you will agree that my glamorous assistant Karen deserves all of our gratitude for volunteering to give up the cruise to do all the shopping for the buffet and for putting up with the many other tasks I ask her to do normally at short notice. Thanks Pickle.

Also on that subject everyone that mucked in to get the buffet prepared and laid out.

Next up is Chris and Emma, you may not have noticed the beavering they were doing in the background to keep the camping area running, topping up the loo rolls and various other tasks which included disposing of approximately 35 black bin sacks of rubbish and empty bottles at the local skip on Monday morning.

Jazzy and Snowy, complete stars. Without this pair you would not have the BBQ or the Disco which I think turns a Buggy meet into a family affair, the amount of admin and organising to do these on consecutive days is immense so fantastic effort as always.

Chad and Mark, I asked some time ago on the Swanage post for volunteers to take the Show me Yours on and after the tumble weed had long gone Chad stepped up and said he would do it and Mark closely followed. Well done again guys, I reckon you hit the fun factor bang on.

I知 sure you all have your highlights of the weekend but I知 going to list some of mine:

Winning the Pride of Paddy award, Some of you may have noticed a small chink in my armour there but out of all the prizes or awards my Buggy has won this is most poignant and as long as I知 鮮ot organising Swanage this will happen. Thanks Sonya, Tate and Max.

My almost breakdown. The small circlip that holds the throttle pedal rod on the left of the tunnel parted company whilst on the cruise which is an easy fix but when I climbed out in a rush I stamped on the clutch pedal which also pulled off the temporary repair I had done on the clutch cable shortner, leaving the 2 outside pedals flat to the bulkhead. Ollie痴 son Ben looked at me slightly bewildered and said 努hat痴 the chances of that? and we both burst out laughing. As I said 的f you can fix it it痴 not a breakdown!

Ang痴 rather well oiled attempt at the drinking machine, a fair few of us had a go but her complete lack of coordination was outstanding and had us in fits. Good effort Ang.

The last man. After doing this for 12 years now I know that if Gary and Marion are ready then everyone else are 舛rews mounted and starting to get bored.

The Village Fete. That ones going to be hard to top for next year, I値l pass on your thanks to the event organisers but if anyone wants to then please drop them a line on their Facebook page.

The Weather. I致e told you lot many times that it never rains on Carnival weekend in Swanage and finally it came true(ish).

You lot. Just great to catch up, talk crap and forget about the rest of what痴 going on in our lives. Thanks.

So, next year is a definite, 2021 is a very, very strong likelihood and we can play it by ear if the redevelopment plans ever happen.

I致e also got to pass on a thank you from the club for raising close to 」1400 in camping fees.

A couple of you mentioned that the whole atmosphere of the event is completely different to other generic VW shows and it is more like a family gathering. That痴 down to you not me so keep it up and anyone that can support the Littlehampton event that Jazzy and co are organising will find that it has the same laid back vibe.

See you all in 2020.       

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Reply #2 on: July 30, 2019, 10:44:09 AM

I know that there are a lot of people behind the scenes that make this event what it is, but if you were not there to initially "Not Organize" it, then it just wouldn`t be the event that we have come to know and love. I have a real soft spot for the Swanage weekend, as it was the first "Buggy" event I went to many many years ago and was made to feel so welcome from the minute we rolled up, and it was the drunken ramblings around the campfire around seven years ago when the concept of this forum took place. It really is a family gathering of mates in a field, the carnival is almost secondary. That village Fete was just awesome, laid back on a sunny afternoon with a beer in one hand, ice cream in the other whilst listening to a guy and guitar and some chilled tunes. As you say, that is going to take some beating.

I know that the Swanage weekend as we know it is soon going to come to an end as the Football Club is up for redevelopment (I can hear a chorus of about time) but I do hope that we can find another venue down there for Carnival weekend to keep this one going for as long as we can.

Flags . . .  That was a brilliant weekend mate - Thank you !    ;-)(-;  ;-)up

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