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October 26, 2020, 10:55:12 AM

Swanage number 12

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Reply #15 on: July 23, 2019, 11:59:30 AM
Flags & Kaz - Thur 26th to Mon 30th - 1 buggy - 1 tent - 2 Buffet - 2 Breakfast
Dom and Harry(child) Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th 1 tent 1 buggie 2 Buffet  2 breakfast 
Dave DND & Liz Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th 1 T4 + 1 buggy  2 Buffet  2 breakfast
Juicylucy and Not so Juicy Chris
Chad, Ruth and Alex - Chad and Alex 1 buggy Thur 26th to Mon 30th (maybe Tues 31st) and Ruth Sat onwards. 1 tent, 2 1/2 buffet, 2 1/2 breakfast
George and Cath Thur 26th to Mon 30th (maybe Tues 31st) 1 buggy. 1 tent, 2 buffet , 2 breakfast
Mark (Testa), Karen and the 2 monsters. 2 buggy's, 2 small tents 4 buffet and 4 breakfasts.
Hunter, Carole and the 2 doglets, Thurs 25th - Tues 30th, caravan, 1 buggy, 2 buffets, 2 breakfasts.
Hugh - Thur 26th to Sunday 29th staying at The Grand Hotel, 1 buggy, 1 buffet
Vanessa & Allan - Thur 26th to Sunday 29th staying in B&B 1 buggy, 2 buffet
Dave C & Gail -Thur 26th to Sunday 29th staying in B&B 1 buggy, 2 buffet
Sophie and Kieran - Thurs 26th - Mon 30th - No buggy - 1 tent - 2 Buffet - 2 Breakfast
Tim & Cam 1 Buggy with T5 unless glorious sunshine then tent Just Saturday night - 2 buffet, 2 breakfast.
Matt and Sarah  Friday night,Saturday night, 2 breakfast Sunday.  1 t5 and trailer queen buggy
Bear - 1 small motorhome 1 baja bug 2 tickets for buffet 2 adults will be arriving Friday night leaving Sunday
Sonya, Max and Tate – Thur to Mon Camping (may need some seats for the cruise etc)
DJ Jazzy and Jan – Thur to Mon 2 Buggies and the full works
Patrick, Sabrina and tribe – 6 or 7 for the full works
Sally, Ed and George - Thursday to Monday Breakfast and buffet
Amy, Connor, Jason and Becca  - Friday to Monday Breakfast and Buffet
Donna and Dai – The full works Fri to Sun
Paul, Sarah, Derek and Ang - Fri to Mon 1 Buggy, 2 breakfast, Buffets TBC
Mark, Sue Fri-Mon breakfast + buffet, unfortunately no buggy
Micky B Thursday - Sunday 1 Breakfast and Buffet 1 tent 1 buggy
G (Roadrunner), Kelley-Ann & Aurora(3)  - Thur 26th to Mon 30th - 1 buggy - 1 T5 - 2.5 Buffet

From Facebook no other details

Gary Stimson
Colin Chapman
Matt Williams

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Reply #16 on: July 23, 2019, 12:48:14 PM
Route for cruise

Firstly can I ask you all to fill up before the cruise as stopping for fuel as a group is a bit of an issue, we will be forming up on parade in the lower part of the car park from 1045 on wards, it's split into 3 legs with photo stops on route finishing at the pretty little village of Moreton (more on that in part 3).

A. Starting point at the football club car park, turn right as you leave to avoid the bottle neck of the traffic lights at the end of the road.
B. Left at the T junction.
C. Right at the end of the road on to the A351.
D. Fuel stop if you really need it BUT we will see you when you catch up at F
E.  Left at Corfe Castle heading to Lulworth.
F. Left into car park viewing point which some will remember from the wedding photos we crashed a couple of years ago.  Photo stop and a catch up for stragglers.

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Reply #17 on: July 23, 2019, 12:51:51 PM
Part 2

A. Left out of car park.
B. Right at end of road on the Lulworth bypass.
C. Right on the A 352 heading to Wareham.
D. Left onto Puddletown road, this is a bit of a blast for those that want to.
E. Gather up at the Tank turning point.

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Reply #18 on: July 23, 2019, 01:01:35 PM
Part 3

A. Right out of turning area.
Between A and B you do a right at the end of the road and then 1st left heading for Bovington.
B. Left for the Tank Museum, as you turn left Laurence of Arabia’s cottage is on the left. If there is room we will stop to have a look.
C. Happy Shopper to grab a drink and sandwiches if you want to (It has a Greggs and Costa).
D. Right heading for Wool then right at next roundabout.
E. Turn right at petrol station just before the railway lines, 30MPH and quite narrow a bit further on in the village.
F. Pass the Seven Stars on your right.
G. Moreton. Village Fete at the Walled Garden, plan to depart 1500 to 1530. You have the Fete plus Tea Rooms, T. E. Laurence's grave, a ford for those that want to brave it or to have a paddle, Church with famous Whistler etched glass windows and walks etc.

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Reply #19 on: July 27, 2019, 11:29:17 PM

Hope you are all having fun xx

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Reply #20 on: July 28, 2019, 08:25:23 AM
Morning all. On my way down with one buggy and a T5 in support. Will be there midday ish. Where do I head for. 
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Reply #21 on: July 28, 2019, 09:20:32 PM
Awesome weekend - thanks to everyone who made it there

Brilliant cruise and chilling out at the garden fete in the summer sunshine could not have been more perfect  8)

great to put some faces to names too  ;-)up

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Reply #22 on: July 29, 2019, 09:55:41 AM
A Huge thanks to Flags for a great weekend, also thanks to Allan, my parents and Hugh for keeping me entertained. Thank you to Chad and Mark for organising the 'show us yours' and Jazzy and Jan for the disco. It was nice to meet everyone. Here are a few photos from another amazing buggy weekend  8)

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Reply #23 on: July 29, 2019, 10:00:30 AM

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Reply #24 on: July 29, 2019, 02:57:36 PM
Great pictures Vanessa. As always.
And agree, massive thanks to Flags and Karen for making this happen.
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Reply #25 on: July 29, 2019, 05:24:16 PM
Vanessa you've succinctly thanked the core people so all I can do is heartily agree, and of course there were plenty of others beavering away or nudging things along who know who they are and are equally appreciated.

I hadn't realised I was part of Vanessa's entertainment package but if it means a higher ratio of yellow buggys illustrated on the forum I guess I can roll with it. But talking entertainment I saw another side to Vanessa when given a handful of 2p's and let loose in an amusement arcade. And there's rumours of her Pitch & Putt ability although I guess having Dave C as a father does give you a head start !

Like Vanessa's photos mine below are just a subjective selection from my experience and don't adequately capture many of the events and activities but they are chucked on here to add to the overall record. If you or your buggy are missing from Vanessa or my photos then do add them in a post...

Meeting Allan, Vanessa, Gail & Dave C at Cirencester on Thursday morning it became apparent Greggs are taking over the world but always great to follow someone who knows the way and then ‘suddenly’ have Corfe Castle appear.

On Friday a visit to Tyneham evacuated/ruined village next to the car park that led down to one of the many expansive, unspoilt and effectively deserted (except for itinerant artists) beaches, was timelessly enjoyable.


Corfe Castle was staggering and not just because it had been deliberately blown up by the Parliamentarians. Notices claimed structural engineers had made it safe for the public.

Refreshments in Corfe with Allan wondering why buggys were not going past....so he left only to have Dave & Liz nip along.

The Cruise and Fete at Moreton was exceptionally civilised.

A trip on Sunday to Weymouth


And then across to Portland stopping to nip up Chesil Beach

The Campsite, apart from early mornings, was safe buggy parking and a welcoming relaxed social hangout


Seeing only a few of the Parade floats explained why so many flock to watch not only the buggys



And then home


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Reply #26 on: July 29, 2019, 10:19:32 PM
Another thank-you to Flags brilliant weekend at Swanage great chilled out time batteries recharged also thank-you to Karen for sorting the buffet at short notice one last thank-you to all that were there to help this weekend go well thanks again love you all
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Reply #27 on: July 30, 2019, 07:07:55 PM
Found this clip on you tube, if you look from 4 minutes 50ish you can see us all  8)