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October 26, 2020, 04:55:46 AM

Royal Manchester Children's Hospital 3rd August and VWNW 4th August

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Author Topic: Royal Manchester Children's Hospital 3rd August and VWNW 4th August  (Read 7401 times)

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Well a great couple of days made even better by the kids at the hospital and some great weather.

And to top it all of just got home, beer, coffee and the real bonus my box of Bakewell tarts has 6 in it and I thought it was 4. How can life get better?
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A huge thank you to Tony and Mandy for a great weekend  :D Allan and I really enjoyed the extra day and the ride out to the Oil Can cafe was spot on! Well done to Doug for receiving the 'Pride of Paddy' award, it was well deserved as you go to such a great effort for the children. The weekend was fantastic and can't wait for next year!! Here are a few photos  ;D

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Extensive thanks to Krug and Mandy who arranged, entertained and provided positive motivation for the assorted people and buggys that descended on them for a couple of days.

Vanessa's snaps capture the spirit and really should have a few captions to either explain or exaggerate what appears to be going on...

I'm only sorry I didn't record Fred Flintstone and Dougs epic performance. My excuse is the image of Dave C's pirate with sword impaled in his lower quarters quite threw my ability to see the world rationally !


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Brilliant pics - looks like a really good time was had by all   ;-)up

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A massive  THANK YOU to everyone who came, donated, post things on social media etc .... we had a cracking weekend. On Facebook alone we raised 1450 and through cash donations to me another 140.   Then we have the bucket collections at the hospital and Tatton Park still to be counted  :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

I cant believe how lucky we were with the weather so someone was looking down on us   :)   Buggy Fan upon high  ;-)up

I know a couple of people didn't make it but you have very valid reasons as to why not - so dont worry and look forward to next year   8) 8)

The Children's (Paddy) award given by Oliver (who actually made it out in 3 buggies) went to Doug - yet again he put his heart and soul into the weekend and worked his butt off to make kids smile and raise some cash - massive Thank You to Doug   ;-)up ;-)up ;-)up ;-)up ;-)up ;-)up

So next year it will be 1st August at the Hospital and the 2nd at VWNW Tatton Park.   It will be our 10th anniversary so hopefully we can make this an even more special one and get more of you along.
Thank you all again and soon as I have the official figures from the hospital I will post them on here.