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May 21, 2019, 12:08:10 PM

26th~30th July - Iím going to Party like itís Swanage number 11

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Author Topic: 26th~30th July - Iím going to Party like itís Swanage number 11  (Read 6502 times)

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Found some snaps - hope they help redress Hudge's impression that mine was the only buggy that caught Vanessa's eye.

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And the most important photo for my buggys provenance going forward is proof of it's experience - at least once - of an accredited award winning cleaning professional !


I echo Vanessa's thanks to Flags & Karen for making Swanage such a relaxed and inclusive event.


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Sorry I couldnít make it guys. Had to be on my ship due to the weather. Next time.
A bad day on the water is still better than a good day in the office.

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Thank you to Flags and Karen for a cracking weekend, shame about the weather but catching up with good friends made the weekend worthwhile.  ;-)up

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Iíve got to say a big thank you to all you guys and girls for a cracking if somewhat moist weekend.

Not only to all that were daft enough to stay for the carnival procession but to everyone that made it to the weekend.  With the weather warnings that were in place I really do appreciate the effort that you put in. If Iím honest and it wasnít the show that I donít organise I would not have stayed for the whole shebang.

Special mentions have to go out to Snowy and Jazzy for the BBQ, the Disco and the hospitality tent where many found shelter and alcohol. Ruben for being the only crazy Dutchman to ever make it to the carnival. Patrick, Sabrina and kids for bringing the Belgian contingent.
And a massive thanks to Karen for keeping me sane whilst Iím not organising it.

Iím sure there will be lots of stories and photos to share, just ask Dave C and Gail about Fawlty Towers!
If anyone has pictures of the quickest/wettest show and shine in history can you post them?

The winners were:
Max for the Disco Dude dancing prize
Rob for the Runaround Drivers choice
Steve for the judges choice
Ruben for the least windscreen wipers on the wettest weekend in 2 months
Mark for the Bandit run (Chad will hopefully explain)
Chad for Paddyís choice.

Again thanks to you all, we raised £250 on the buffet, £810 camping plus over 40 Breakfasts, all of which has gone back to the football club for which they have asked me to pass on their gratitude and invite us back more to follow on this.

Remember it never rains on carnival.     

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this user is online Hugh

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Whoops wrong posting then thrown off the site and had to log back in...

Thatís an impressive amount of money - Iíd been led to understand buggy owners spent their last pennies on shineybli g and cheese parts.

Great Flags that you continue to not organise Swanage so we can continue to meet up and enjoy the crack...

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 Flags and Karen Many thanks for a great weekend as my first, shame about the weather but what a great way to get to know everyone  ;-)up,,Friday BBQ and the Disco was fantastic many thanks Snowy and Jazzy 8).. i was so chuffed to win the drivers choice many thanks to all who voted for me ,, i have 10 gopro vids to up load but some how it wont let me, may i have someones email so i can send them to you and you can put them up on the forum again many thanks for everything look forward to the next .. from myself and Claire   ;).. for those who like a laugh -  on the way home i got as far as Salisbury when my fuel regulator packed up  lucky my mum lives in Salisbury so it will be left there till sat when i can get it brought back by break down talk to you all soon  :)
Rob :)

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landed sausage side two spent the night near leading-cross green by the m20.
about 530 miles in total and ~50l of fuel. was good to see you all again. going to bed now as im knackered from another rained out night in a soggy tent.
"Yes Ruben, you are indeed a Championship Tosser" DnD, september 2016
Remember kids, polyglotism will get you nowhere

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Glad you got back ok matey, fetch the sun with you next year!

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hello guys,

im back home safe and sound.
many thanks flags for not organising a great wet weekend ;-)
again, it was a beatifull weekend, great to see u all again.
missed some people, hopfully they are back next year.
and especcially thanks to sonya and the kids for beeing there.

see you all again, i frefer fast but till next year
patrick sabrina and the kids

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Just got home myself - What a cracking weekend  ;-)up ;-)up

Many stories to be told once I have woken up and unpacked the car

Rob, send those GoPro vids to me if you want, and I`ll host them for you  dave@dndservices.co.uk

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Finally got round to uploading my pictures.

Here are the trophy winners..

Coming to England without wipers - Ruben

Wing and a prayer - Mark for driving 180 miles solo, with no back up or mechanical knowledge after his buggy hadn't been on the road for 4 years

Drivers Choice - Rob in his nice SWB JAS

Judges Choice - Steve and his very tidy and well used Sidewinder

Final carnival line up on Sunday afternoon

Using the kitchen as a workshop. Well we did need to warm up the Serpentine pulley in boiling water to get at Rob's bearings

Jazzy and Snowy's fantastically hosted Thursday night barbeque

At the Great Swanage Globe

Party time

The Classic Evovles