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May 26, 2018, 11:05:52 AM

FS - LWB Doon Buggy

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Author Topic: FS - LWB Doon Buggy  (Read 589 times)

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on: February 09, 2018, 10:46:49 AM
I'm reluctantly thinking of selling my LWB Doon, I have had a load of fun with it but my kids are getting too big to fit in the back now...

LWB Doon Buggy with side pods, this car was built in 2009/2010 with loads of new parts
Built on a 100% rust free 1972 LWB Beetle floorpan, hot zinc sprayed and painted with POR 15.
Correctly registered on the V5 as a Doon Buggy
Free road tax
Extensive roll-cage in 42 x 3mm CDS with harness bars, side intrusion protection and support for the rear frame-horns, built by RMR Restorations
4 seats, all with racing harnesses
Adjustable front beam, double castor shims, adjustable camber bolts (set for maximum negative camber), cross-drilled disc brakes
IRS Rear with Porsche 944 arms and brakes (discs), adjustable spring plates
Gaz adjustable dampers all round
Soft top
Rancho pro-street IRS gearbox, strap and Rhino mounts
Kennedy Stage 2 Clutch
Vintage Speed Classic shifter
16Ē Rial alloys & a spare set of Boxter wheels
Engine: 2176cc Ė built by Daz Chandler at Aircooled Performance, CB CNC 044 heads with 42x37 valves, ported and polished, Scat C45 cam, Scat I beam rods, MSD Billet Distributor, MSD Digital 6 control box, MSD Blaster 2 Coil, Serpentine Belt kit, Alternator, Welded Fan, Straight Cut Cam Gears, Deep Sump, Full Flow Oil with breather tank, CB Chromoly 78.4mm crank, Weber 48IDA's with progression modification, CSP alloy rocker covers, Manx sidewinder exhaust
Everything works as it should, the engine has strong oil pressure, doesnít use oil, doesnít run hot and has good compression. Obviously with this engine spec it can move a bit! It will happily cruise at 90mph all day (where legal). With Porsche rear suspension and disc brakes all round (plus my experience in setting up rally cars) it handles very well (for a buggy) and can stop quickly, too.
With 4 seats, all with racing harnesses, you can take the whole family along.
This isnít a show buggy Ė I built it to use it so it has the odd scratch on the bodywork, but it it still very presentable
Iíve probably forgotten a load of things, Iím looking for £10,000

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Reply #1 on: May 22, 2018, 12:43:36 PM
I'm open to (sensible) offers on this.....