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January 22, 2019, 08:35:45 AM

Possible Sale - Sidewinder

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on: September 11, 2017, 07:13:59 PM
I am considering putting my Sidewinder up for sale  :-[ . Mainly because I just can’t seem to get the time to drive the thing. Its sat in my garage since the MOT in April with only about 300 miles going on the clock, despite some glorious weather  8) and I even missed the Ace Café run the other week although that’s only just up the road from me (spent that day in Ikea ☹).

So, a cold dose of common sense tells me it might be time to think about selling on.

If there is any interest at a starting price of £8,450.00 ovno I may be tempted to have a chat but its not a desperate sale so I wont let it go for a song.

Very importantly this buggy is described on its V5C as a VW Beach Buggy. This really is the Holy Grail when it comes to beach buggies and V5’s.
The buggy is a real head turner, always attracting attention and a really fun car to drive. 
This buggy is in exceptional condition and was fully overhauled 3 years ago. During the rebuild the buggy was full stripped and all components assessed for condition. A significant number of its parts were then either refurbished or replaced with new.
The buggy’s original gearbox was cleaned up, tested and refitted
The engine is a 1776 dual port unit that was sourced for the build. I am informed this engine was built by a performance engine builder named Laurie Pettit (his name is renowned in the VW Performance world).  It runs extremely well and performance is excellent. The sound from the engine is just awesome which is just what you want with a Beach Buggy.
Petrol is supplied via a facet electric fuel pump into dual Solex “Kadron” carburettors. Ignition is via an SVDA distributor. Tin ware is all polished chrome and all necessary pieces for efficient cooling are fitted. The exhausts are chrome twin cannons which have removable baffles and really set off the rear of the buggy. The engine is protected by a silver painted engine cage to which the rear indicators are mounted
The chassis was blasted and new pan halves welded in. A brand new front adjustable beam was fitted with all suspension components were replaced with new.
Steering gear was fully refurbished.
The braking system was completely replaced and the buggy runs a drum brake system all round which provides ample stopping power given it only weighs just over 400kg
The shell was replaced with a brand new “Sidewinder” shell in copper metal flake moulded by Fibrecraft, additional flake was added to the colour mix and it really does “pop” in the sunshine. Seats are low back buggy seats with removable vinyl covers.
The addition of a roll bar in silver adds to the look, and also provides the mounting for the four point restraint harnesses.
The dashboard has been kept simple with a solitary speedometer and fuel gauge. An array of chrome toggle switches operates the lights, wipers/screen wash and horn whilst indicators and full beam operate from the single stalk column switch.
The electrics and wiring was all completely renewed and new fuse boxes fitted with modern blasé style fuses protecting the circuits.
Headlights are stainless steel 7” bowls.
The front nudge bar has been shortened to give a neater more flush appearance and the front indicators are attached to the front beam.
A lot of thought went in to the rebuilding of this buggy and it really does need to be seen and driven more often than I seem to be able to.