What We Do

There is a lot more to the Beach Buggy Community than simply owning a cool vehicle, to us its a way of life . . . .



Club Nights

Up and down the Country you will find regular Club Meets where we all socialize together, just like any other Car Club. On a warm summer evening, the Car Parks are often ram packed with Beach Buggies and people wandering around with cameras, and on the colder nights, you will find us inside having a natter around some tasty food and fine ales. But, if you think that this is what a Beach Buggy Club is all about, then you are very much mistaken, because there is so much more to come.



Paignton 2007

Local Car Shows

Now it almost goes without saying, that any Car Club will meet up at the various little Car Shows, but there is nothing like going along to these with all of your mates. Quite often we will arrange to meet up and cruise to these shows in a big convoy, and there is nothing that the crowds like to see more than a big procession of Beach Buggies. Quite often, we will make a weekend event out of these shows and find a local Campsite nearby, or a B&B for those that are not keen under Canvas.





Stoneleigh 2014National Car Shows

We can also be found at some of the larger Car Shows too.

In 2014, the Meyers Manx celebrated its 50th Birthday, and we thought it would be good to get a few Buggies together for a little display at the National Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh, and the word on the Forum went out.

We had not expected so many people to travel far and wide to come and see us, Cornwall, Scotland and even Switzerland – We had 108 Beach Buggies together in one place and it is regarded to have been the largest gathering in the UK to date.




Charity Events  & The R.M.C.H.

The Beach Buggy Community are recognized as “Crowd Pullers” which does mean that we can often be found at many Charity Events and Fetes around the Country, bringing people in.

One of our members organizes a Charity run around the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital each year, where the poorly children are given rides around the Hospital grounds in the Beach Buggies. If that wasn’t enough to bring a smile, here we can see Krug handing over a Cheque for Ten Thousand Pounds that has been raised in the process.


N.E.W.S. 2016


The whole concept of the Forum was to get all of the Clubs together Online, but Hazel took it one stage further.

Each year, she organizes a brilliant weekend somewhere in the middle of the Country where a good number of us from the North, East, West and South (Hence N.E.W.S.) get together for a really chilled out camping weekend in a field next to a Pub. The Saturday is spent on an epic Beach Buggy Cruise around the countryside, taking in a few sights and landmarks and then we retire back to the campsite for some Bar-B-Que banter. This really is a “MUST” event for anyone with a Beach Buggy. Details, dates and venues are found on the Forum and hopefully this little video will inspire you to join with us next time.





Swanage Carnival Weekend  

Another “MUST” event in the Beach Buggy Club Diary is the now legendary Swanage Carnival Weekend. This event is not(!) organized by Flags(!) as he doesn’t want to accept the liability if it goes wrong(!!). Proceeds of this weekend go to the upkeep of the Swanage Football Club, and they are the host venue for us. Most of us arrive on the Friday and natter in the Club bar once the tents are pitched. Saturday is taken with another epic cruise around the Dorset Coastline, taking in a few photo stops and a picnic somewhere, and then we return to a Bar-B-Que and evening entertainments. Sunday afternoon will see us leading the Swanage Carnival Procession, often in Fancy Dress. 2017 will see us celebrating the 10th year of Beach Buggies at Swanage, so put it in your diary now.




Paignton 2014

Sun is Shining – Anyone Coming Out To Play?

We don’t just meet up around the show season, the Beach Buggy Community is very active all year round. Quite often, you will see a post on our Forum that the Sun is shining and it would be good to go for a drive. A meeting point and a time will be posted and its then down to people to turn up for a cruise and some fun.

There may be a few of you, there may be a load of you, but there is no better place than our Forum to find some like minded mates to come out and play.




I.B.W.  International Buggy Weekend

And for those of you that fancy a bit more of a Road Trip, each year a group of us travel over to Europe to meet up with around 300+ of our Buggy friends at the International Buggy Weekend.  Held over the European Bank Holiday Weekend of “Pentecost” with a different venue each year, depending on who is playing host. Previous years of Holland, Belgium and Germany have been brilliant fun. They are such a friendly crowd, and they really appreciate seeing the cars from the UK.

Check out the Forum for future dates and travel plans.



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Just Amazing . . . . .

As I said, the Beach Buggy Community is not just about owning a cool car, it really is a way of life. Everywhere we go, people will smile and wave, and it does allow access to some spectacular places as a result. In last few years that I have been driving with my “Buggy Family” I have been fortunate enough to have found myself in some amazing situations that I just could not have dreamed about. Racing up Runways to get a picture by the side of a plane in a Military Airport before the next one lands, breathtaking views of the Windmills in Holland to messing about on the Sand Dunes with your mates.

Come and join us and be a part of it  –  Dave DND




Den Haag