Zip Buddy

Brought to you by Zip Buddy, an Exclusive to the Beach Buggy Club – The “BBi Zip Buddy

Zip Buddy Zip Pulls are not only really useful for pulling zips up and down, but are also a great new way to accessorize and personalize your rucksacks, sports bags, jackets, hoodies, laptop sleeves, schoolbags, briefcases, kindle covers, suitcases, handbags, computer bags, camera bags, pencil cases, make-up bags, tents, sleeping bags – virtually anything with a zip.

Zip Buddy


The Zip Buddy easily snaps onto almost any zip and doesn’t have one of those annoying sticking out levers that catches on your clothes and in your hair. The Zip Buddy has a built in 360 degree swivel meaning that it can always lay flat, and it is also very strong – after all, it needs to be as you are going to be pulling on it every day.



Zip Buddy


The Zip Buddy can also be used as a charm on your handbag, mobile phone, dogs collar, belly ring (or nipple ring if you are really brave) and its double sided dome resin coated design means that it will always get noticed.

At approx 40mm long x 18mm wide, and available in many colours, they also make exceptionally good key rings too.



Price = £2.99 each + £1.50 p&p (UK Postage)

Please contact me first if you require a different colour Buggy or shipping outside of the UK


Zip Buddy BBi Zip Buddy Red £2.99




Zip Buddy BBi Zip Buddy Orange £2.99




Zip Buddy BBi Zip Buddy Yellow £2.99




Zip Buddy BBi Zip Buddy Citrus £2.99




Zip Buddy BBi Zip Buddy Green £2.99




Zip Buddy BBi Zip Buddy Blue £2.99




Zip Buddy BBi Zip Buddy Purple £2.99




Zip Buddy BBi Zip Buddy White £2.99




Zip Buddy BBi Zip Buddy Silver £2.99




Zip Buddy



Zip Buddy


If you have a Buggy Colour that stands out from the crowd, then as long as you can give us the Paint Code or RAL colour, the we will do our best to match it.

Further details upon request.