Buggy Trumps

By popular demand, the Buggy Trumps are now back in stock.

If you remember the game of Top Trumps you used to play when you were a kid, then this will need no further introduction. The Beach Buggy Community have produced their own set of Buggy Trumps in order to raise a few coffers towards the upkeep and running costs of the BEACHBUGGY.INFO website.

Buggy Trumps

I have really fond memories from playing these games as a child, and its a sad state of affairs though, to think that in this digital age that many children will have grown up without ever having played Top Trumps at all. It is therefore up to you to pass on the fun and get them started on such a fantastically simple game that they can pick up in a matter of seconds and then enjoy for the rest of their life.

Buggy Trumps

This full pack of 40 playing cards are plastic coated and of the highest quality, exactly the same as if you purchased them from a shop. The reason that they are plastic coated is not only to make them more durable and flexible, but it helps them to slide and fan out when playing. These have also been tested and approved by the manufacturers for use by children, and will be supplied in a nice pocket sized clear plastic box.


These make great presents for all ages of Beach Buggy Enthusiast
and is a game that both the Kids and Grandparents can all play together.


Buggy Trumps Card Game
Postage within UK is £1.50
£6.99 per pack

Please contact me if you require Shipping outside of the UK.