I`m not currently a member of a Buggy Club, where can I find a local one?

On our Forum, you will find a list and contact details of all of the Buggy clubs up and down the country. You will find details of where they meet, which pub they are undoubtedly heading for and information of any local events that may be going on. If you want to join up with any of them, all you need to do is turn up and say “Hi”. Please remember that as a member of our Buggy Community, you are also welcome and positively encouraged to gatecrash the club nights of any and all others on here as well. All Club Members are welcomed everywhere.


What does it cost to join?

This is the best bit – its totally FREE! There are no membership charges, no credit card details taken, in fact, we don`t even ask you to enter your real name when registering. All we ask is that you come and join in, bring plenty of enthusiasm and ask some daft questions. You can even take a sneak peak at the Forum without having to sign up, although you will see a hell of a lot more if you take the time to actually Register and Log in.       



I don`t currently have a Buggy – Can I still Join?

Of course you can, please do. The Beach Buggy Club is all about enthusiasts and the fun we can have. Even if you do not yet have a Buggy, you are most welcome to come along to any of the Club nights and National Events and you may well find yourself being taken out for a quick spin if you ask nicely enough. You may even be able to blag yourself a spare seat on a run out somewhere. (I managed to blag a spare seat on one of the International Road Trips to Holland) Be warned though, it is very contagious (The Buggies that is, not us) and you will soon want one of your own.



Do the different Clubs ever meet up with each other?

The Beauty of the Forum is that it is a great Ice-Breaker. We are all such firm friends on here that as well as attending the National Events, we can also be found organizing our own Camping and Cruising weekends up and down the country. The Guys from Scotland are great drinking buddies with the Buggers from Cornwall. In 2014, we had a little gathering at the Stoneleigh kit car show, and that saw 108 Buggies in attendance from not just all over the Country, but our friends also drove over from Switzerland. Each year, we also organize a Mad Road Trip to the International Buggy Weekend in Europe to meet up with our International friends. In the past this has included Holland, Belgium and Germany. We always make every effort to meet up as often with each other as we can, because there is nothing better than a convoy of Buggies and spending time with like minded idiots.



My Buggy is pretty rough – Will you make fun of me?

Probably – But to be fair, we make just as much fun of the Bling and Polish Brigade too. Lets dispel a common myth here. Every Buggy to us is as good as each other. It does not matter to us whether yours is a Trailer Queen or a Rotting Heap. If you built your Buggy yourself, that’s excellent, if you bought yours with a cheque book, then that is cool also. If you like to spend your time polishing it to bits, or you would prefer to be submerged in mud, it matters not to us, as we have many Buggers on the Forum that take things to extremes and you will be amongst friends. But we all have the same thing in common: We all like Beach Buggy’s and we are all mad. Of course we cannot promise we won’t laugh, because there are some occasions when the tears will just roll down your legs, times like watching Mrs Dreamshack trying to get out of their old Bugle.




I need some Technical Assistance with my Buggy?

That’s usually the Main Reason that you were on the Interweb looking for a solution. On the Forum, you will find a whole range of technical articles, help and assistance covering just about every aspect of Buggy Ownership. As well as the hard core of Enthusiasts out there, we also have a great number of Manufacturers and Fabricators who are all eager to help where they can. We also have a members map showing where some of us are located, and if you are in trouble and need help, you may just find some helpers on your doorstep (especially if you put the kettle on and offer a bacon sarnie or Hob Nobs. For the more serious issues, we also have a wide range of mechanics available that will often give us discounted rates when called upon.



Do You Sell Cars and Parts?

We have a very active section of the Forum for both parts for sale and wanted. We also have a fair number of Manufacturers advertising on our Forum, who will offer us Club Discounts against many of their goods. We also have a very active Specialist Insurance Broker on board, who not only looks after us tremendously well, but who often runs competitions with some truly amazing prizes. For those of you looking for your first Buggy, we also have a Cars for sale section, but for those of you wanting to simply sell your car on, please be aware that we are an active Buggy Community and there are a few Rules that need to be followed before being allowed to sell on there.



This all sounds great – How do I join then?

It is really easy to Join the UK Beach Buggy Community and to become a Club member. All you need to do is to Register on our Forum at www.beachbuggy.info and it really is as simple as that.

Click on the Forum Logo at the right of this page and take a sneak peek at what we are all about. Once Registered, you will see a lot more inside.